Baby O’s 1st “Swim” at 3 months old!

Baby O is 3 months old!

So on this wonderful day, 2 wonderful things happened.

1. He FINALLY slept through the night! Woohoo!

815 pm- 530 am. And he only cried at 6 am for feeding. Before that he woke us up with his thumb-sucking. Smuck smuck smuck…

2. We took him for a swim!

Got a Babyspa $10 discount voucher from a mommy online *thanks Ashlyn! and visited the Marine Parade branch.

Before I had Oliver, I thought these parents are nuts to spend so much money on a 15 mins “dunk-in-the-pool” when baby don’t even know how to navigate their hands and feet properly on land yet.

I guess parenthood does something to your brain cells.

My decision was also largely affected by mommies’ testimonials on how their babies slept like a log after each swimming session. I was hooked.

My impression of Babyspa wasn’t fantastic though. We stood for a while at the counter before the chinese lady behind the counter gave a very curt: “Yes, what is it?” and seeing that we spoke English, she called for her Philipino colleague to come without even hearing our answer and just gave us a pair of disposable swimming diapers.

Another chinese lady with the same heavily accented Mainland-China mandarin came forward and asked us how old is Oliver. We replied in mandarin. She took over from there and advised us to feed baby a lil bit first cos his last feed was more than an hour ago. Whilst burping Baby O after a 30 ml emergency snack, she insisted we are burping him wrongly and took baby over, starting to rub his back upwards. We never burp Baby O this way cos he will bring up milk. And even after explaining that Baby O will not burp within the next half an hr if he doesn’t burp in the first few mins, she was adamant our attempts failed cos we are doing it the wrong way.

I didn’t argue. And Baby O didn’t burp either.

And from start til finish, we were bombarded with hard-selling tactics. I couldn’t even enjoy watching Baby O do his dunking.

After discount, the “swim” was $23. I didn’t bother with the massage and cleared out right after we finished. Sigh. It’s too bad. I could see that Oli enjoyed the “swim”.

However, unlike other mommies’ experiences, Baby O didn’t repeat the “sleep-thru-the night” stance that night. Instead, he ate more than usual, took 2 extra feeds at 1145pm and 3am respectively.

Maybe we should just stick with dunking him in his bath tub instead.

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