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1st visit to PD in the East

Though we live in the East, my PD was Dr Ang Ai Tin at TMC.

It was a random choice cos my gynae was at TMC and the PDs they recommend in the list was nowhere near our house. So we just picked the first one on the list. That’s a rookie mom for you 🙂

And then Baby O screamed bloody murder yesterday.

I’ve never seen Baby O cry like this before. His body was drenched in perspiration and when I held him and stroke his wet little head, my heart broke. I noted a slight blood stain on his diaper’s edge, not in the stool, but around his back.

I called Daddy K.

The child’s clinic we had wanted to visit near our house was closed, so we went to the GP next to it who also treats children. The moment he pressed on Oli’s back where there was a pimple like thingy, he let out the same pained screams. He gave us some ointment to apply but couldn’t pinpoint the problem, even told us to consider a urine test to check for UTI.

I researched on the BNP ointment he gave. It was for pets.

Though my friend whose sister is a nurse told me they were commonly inter used, I decided to seek a second opinion. Daddy K lamented TMC is far and suggested trying the nearby children’s clinic again.

Marine Parade Junior & Baby Clinic

We went in the morning around 9 plus. There’s 2 families in the queue, but I think they were only waiting for medicine cos we were next in line. Totally different scenario to the jam-packed situation at Dr Ang’s clinic.

The moment Dr Hiew saw Oliver, he went: “So cute!!!” And proceeded to play with him. Something which Dr Ang never had the time for. When we told him what happened, he laid Baby O down on his tummy and checked his back. The screaming was less intense and though Baby O hates tummy time, he seemed so distracted with this new “playmate” he didn’t “complain”.

Dr Hiew told us it could be an infection due to faeces getting into a popped pimple in his back. He held little O’s chubby face in his palm and assured him he was alright. Baby O laughed and even started his “talking”, squealing in delight. Dr Hiew was amused and noted he is a very sociable baby and likes it “rough”, cos when he jiggled his face in his palms, Baby O totally enjoyed it.

He gave Bactroban.

We also got a free Nan Ha 2 sample (cos the clinic doesn’t have Ha 1) and developmental playcards from the receptionist.

His consultation is $40, the medicine was $13.

All in all, I was happy with the visit cos Baby O was very comfortable with Dr Hiew, the consultation was unhurried and of course, we were pleasantly surprised with the perks 🙂

(Marine Parade) Junior Baby & Child Clinic

Blk 57 Marine Terrace #01-133 Singapore 440057 General Enquiries: 64441123

Mon – Wed: 8.30am – 12.30pm, 2pm – 4pm, 7pm- 9pm

Thu – Fri: 8.30am – 12.30pm

Sat,Sun: 8.30am – 12.30pm

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