Baby O 1st haircut! + Shopping at My Little Wardrobe (United Sq)

Baby O’s hair was dropping all over the place and he unknowingly ate them when it stuck on his fingers. Daddy K convinced me to give him a haircut (I didn’t want to cos he looks so cute with his hair standing, hahaha…).

After running an errand, we dropped by United Square at Novena for his first shave!

Touted as children’s style salon, Junior League hair salon costs $22 per haircut.

The place looks a little worn and cluttered, with mini screens attached to each station showing some kid’s program. The only person in there was a Mainland Chinese hairdresser.

We requested her to switch off the screen cos he’s not allowed to watch TV yet. She readily obliged and got to work immediately.

Setting up…

Baby O was rather well-behaved and kept looking outside curiously. As he has eczema, his sensitive skin showed redness moments after the shaver ran through.

Voila! Done!

Sucking up the strands…

It was over in less than 5 mins.

Daddy commented he looked like a nun. I thought he looked uber cute.

Before we headed home, a walk around brought us to The Little Wardrobe. Newly opened.

The baby girls dresses are super super cute! Too bad the boys range was rather limited. A lil pricey too. However, we noted they carry Skip Hop (yeah!) range there, where we got him his very own Skip Hop Owl bib at $13.90. Check out the sweet tote bag!

Authentic Skip Hop bib! Was itching to get him the backpack and lunchie too, but oh well, will wait til he’s older.

In the meantime, all he’s interested in is still his fingers.

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