Baby O is sick… for the first time

He was running a temperature of 37.6 on Christmas day. We gave him some fever medicine and stuck a Kool-Aid patch on him.

But during the night, he woke 2 times, fever escalating to 38.6 degrees. We administered fever medicine and changed the Kool-aid every 4 hours. In the morning, it subsided to 37 degrees. We brought him to the PD anyway, and thank God we did.

PD said Baby O came down with throat infection and although the fever subsided, it will most likely come back, stronger. Causes for infection includes:

1. People passed the germs to him. There’s been lots of gatherings lately and “pass-the-baby-around” routine might have resulted in him catching some bugs.

2. He has been touching objects with germs and putting them into his mouth when he sucks his fingers.

3. Change in Formula or Food. Some babies can’t adjust properly from Stage 1 to Stage 2 formula milk. Some food like baby biscuits are plain heaty.

After elimination, we deduced the culprit to be combination of 1 and 2. Baby O hasn’t changed his fm, and I listed the food O ate recently, including baby rice, carrots and pears to the PD, and he determined them all pretty “safe”.

O was given antibiotics to finish within 5 days, fever medicine to be continued every 4 hourly.

I was thankful Dr Hiew asked us whether we’ve got fever med at home first (we had 3 bottles left from O’s previous injections) and decided not to give anymore to save us some money, haha.

Also learnt something new:

O his age and size (9.3kg) shld be given 3.5ml if the bottle states 120mg, and 2ml only if the bottle states 250mg, every 4 hourly.

We had been giving him only 1ml every 4 hrly according to the label, but that was the amt when he was still very small.

He also advised to give more water, less powder for the fm and more liquidy solids so it’s easy on his throat. No bathing for today, just wipe down.

O woke up from his nap crying juz now and only stopped when I put a damp washcloth on his forehead. The most heartbreaking thing is seeing him rolling his eyes closed weakly after the washcloth relief.

He didn’t eat and play as much too.

I guess he must be wondering, why the heck is this? Why am I feeling so lethargic?


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