8 months… the Good, the Bad and the Date

The Good

When did you really start enjoying time with your baby?

For me, it’s 8 months.

Ok, there were some good moments here and there before, but the fluttering image of a cute cooing baby is quickly shattered by cries and the mundane duties of early motherhood.

8 months, however, is when the real action begins. O mastered crawling, sitting up, standing by hanging on to the sofa… and laughing as if you’ve just told the most awesome joke in the whole wide world.

He’s actually… cute.

The Bad

O is the kind of boy who doesn’t wanna miss out on anything.

He’s a heavyweight at 10 kg, yet as nimble and energetic as Energizer Bunny. He’d stay up for 4 hours cruising around the house, sleep for 40 mins and ready to go again.

So I thought I’ll allow him to expand his energy and bring his bedtime later from 730 pm to 830 pm.

Bad move.

No matter what time he sleeps, he’d still wake at 630 or 7 am in the morning, take 3 naps- 40 mins in the morning, 40 mins in the afternoon, and 1-1.5 hours in the evening. He uses up all his energy in the day, only to konk at 430-5pm, rouse at 6-630 pm  and won’t settle until 10 pm.

We had a very cranky baby, and a very gloomy daddy and mommy with all the late night entertaining.

I had no choice but to alter his sleep schedule by allowing him 40 mins nap in the morning, 40 mins nap in the afternoon, but totally cutting out his evening nap. Although he gets super irritable by 630 pm, running low on energy level means he actually sleeps before 8 pm. After 2 days, he automatically increased his afternoon nap to an hour.

The Date

I missed dating.

After 4 years, I fell sick for the very first time. The cold and cough won’t go away even after 2 visits to the doc and 2 rounds of antibiotics.

I told K I must be running low on the Love and Dating fuel.

So K took me out for a movie, leaving O with his inexperienced mom (both K and his brother were looked after by their grandmas when young).

“Lorax” certainly wasn’t the best animation we’ve seen. There’s still a very huge gap between “Pixar only “and “Pixar with Disney” for me.

But that’s not the point.

The point was, we enjoyed time alone, sat in couple seats enjoying a movie and strolled hand in hand without juggling a pram, a 10 kg baby and his barang-barang.

So, I’d say, 8 months is good 🙂

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