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O’s real food journey… Pt 1

When should I wean my baby?

Many baby books and web gurus chanted the same answer: “6 months”.

But as the golden rule declares,

“All babies are different”.

O is a baby born with an appetite. I only knew the reason 3 months down the road. But first, back to the weaning. At 4 months, my PD lifted O up by the arms and went: “You can start to wean him.”

All the warnings I remembered gushed out in a big inner scream “NO!!!”

I calmly replied: “Isn’t it a bit too early?”

She told me O is of a good size and weight (to put it mildly. He was already a glorious 8 kg) and isn’t his appetite already increasing?

I recalled his screamings even after wolfing down 180 ml and silently concurred.

But still, I put it off until 5 months. He needed to be distracted after each 150/180 ml feed by then cos of his insatiable appetite. I started with Happy Bellies Organic Brown rice. Much to my PD’s disapproval cos she believes brown rice is harder for baby to digest. It didn’t take long for me to realise O just wasn’t quite ready for it yet. Read details here.

I gave him apple puree. That wasn’t quite successful too. Every time he took more than 2 tsp, he gave me that face and whined. The next one, sweet potato, was more welcomed. However, it seemed to affect his pooping cos he wasn’t a plain water lover in the first place.

I borrowed Gina Ford’s Book of Weaning from the library and roughly followed her schedule then.

5 months


  • Introduce solids in late morning around 1030 – 11 am cos they are more awake then and willing to try something new. Also gives you time to spot any signs of allergic reactions before baby sleeps.
  • Start with baby rice. After baby establishes feeding at 11 am (usually after 4 days), move the baby rice to after 6 pm. Let baby finish his milk first before offering solids. Once he takes 2 tsp of baby rice after 6 pm, add a small amount of pear puree at his 11 am feed. If tolerated, transfer pear puree to mix with his baby rice at 6 pm feed, whilst continuing offering new purees at 11 am.
  • Foods to introduce- baby rice, pear, apple, carrot, sweet potato, potatoes, green beans

Oliver’s 5 months old feeding schedule:

0700 am: 180 ml fm

1030 am: 180 ml + 1- 3 tsp veg/fruit puree (pear, apple, carrot, sweet potato, potato, peas)

230 pm : 150- 180 ml

530 pm : 150 ml + 1-3 tsp baby white rice + 1 tsp pear puree

730 pm : 150- 180 ml

It worked. From a very hungry baby waking at 5 am, O settled nicely during the night around 730-8 pm and woke at 7-730 am.

6 months


  • Offer 1/2 of baby’s usual milk, then alternate between solids and milk until he finishes. By 7 months, aim to reduce baby’s milk intake to 3 milk feeds per day, with proper lunch, tea with breakfast.
  • Reduce his milk intake by 30 ml every couple of days, within 2 weeks, he should only be taking 90 ml fm before his solids. Increase his solids if he starts to look for more milk after eating solids. 5 tbsp puree= 1 milk feed. Any top up should be replaced with water. Baby still needs a minimum of 600 ml fm – 900 ml per day. Make sure baby drinks more water about 60 ml per day.
  • Foods to introduce- Pumpkin, peach, avocado, cauliflower, broccoli, (last week of 6 months) homemade chicken stock, yoghurt, oats cereal

Oliver’s 6 months old feeding schedule:

0700 am: 180 ml fm

1100 am: 60-120 ml + 3-6 tsp pumpkin/sweet potato + 3-6 tsp pea/carrot/apple/cauliflower/broccoli puree OR 60- 120 ml + 2 tbsp avocado + 3 tbsp apple

230/3 pm : 150- 180 ml

530 pm : 90-120 ml + 3-6 tsp baby white rice + 3-5 tsp pear/peach/apple puree

700 pm : 180 ml

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

6 + months

0700 am: 180 ml fm + 1 tsp oats/yoghurt

1100 am: (60 ml)+ 3 tbsp pumpkin/sweet potato + 2 tbsp cauliflower/broccoli puree + 2 tsp chicken stock

230/3 pm : 150- 180 ml

600 pm : 5-6 tsp baby white rice/oats + 3 tbsp pear/peach/apple puree

730 pm : 180 ml

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