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“Experimenting” with O- Fish Cake recipe

I did something very experimental on Oliver this past week.

I made him this:

It’s fishcake with broccoli. Looking at his “picking up food” ability, I was raring to make some “advanced” finger food for him even though he’s only 9 months plus.

This is somewhat Baby led weaning style, hahaha…

Here’s the recipe:

Baby Fish Cake

  • a little milk (or water) for poaching fish
  • 250g white fish/salmon fillet
  • 250g cooked potatoes
  • 1 egg, beaten (I used egg yolk only)
  • 50g breadcrumbs
  • olive oil/knob of butter
  • 1 tbsp chopped parsley (optional)
– Poach milk with fish in oven, 200℃, approx 10-15 mins
– Mash together with potatoes, herb & stir in flaked fish with a little beaten egg. Put remainder of egg in dish and breadcrumbs in another.
– Flour hands, take small amts of mix and shape 4-5 fishcakes (or 8 small fishcakes)
– Dip fish cake into egg and roll in breadcrumbs. (You can freeze at this point if aren’t planning to cook right away)
– Cook patty 5 mins on each side with dash of olive oil or grease the baking pan with a lil butter and bake patty 10 mins at 180 ℃, turn and bake another 5 mins.

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

I bought some threadfin fillet (ngor he) from the wet market and cos I have some bread at home, I homemade my own breadcrumbs. (You can bake a batch at 100℃ for about 35 mins or til dry, store them in the fridge til ready to use)

I used softmeal bread. Somehow, I have this weird bias that cane sugar is healthier than normal granulated sugar, haha…

The fish before poaching. I love this mini casserole dish I bought at $8 at Spotlight sale! Perfect for mini dishes!

Whilst the fish is poaching in the oven, I smashed the toasts with a, er-hum.. measuring cup. (You can always use a rolling pin or some other stuff, as I don’t have one, I just make do with anything flat that can handle smashing :D)

I ate some along the way, but there’s still ample breadcrumbs left…

After the fish is done, mix it well with the cooked potatoes and add the egg yolk.

Roll them into “baby-friendly” hold-able sizes.

You can choose to bake or pan-fry. I did both. Pan-frying produces a more robust taste, whilst baking will have a drier texture.

I served them with broccoli. You can of course alternate with other vegetables.

Here’s O ravaging the lot.

As I’ve said, this is pure “experimental”, cos there will be:

1. Alot of mess

2. Frustration from baby when he can’t pick them up without squishing

3. Really alot of mess

I was cleaning up tornados for the 3 days I served this. But I can see that O enjoys this dish very much. He was always picking up even the pea sized remnants and licking his fingers long after the meal is over.

Finger-licking good eh?

But I would probably try this dish again only after his “pincher grip” matures later, haha…

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