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Review: mum + bub skin care

O has mild eczema. He always tend to break out when the weather is crazy (like these few days) and I’ve caught him scratching his ankle til it becomes bright pink when I forgot to use some lotion.

I’ve been using Mustela atopic range all these while and around the time when I realised the bottle is getting lighter, this arrived.

Mum + bub skin care from Aden +Anais.

Thank God for gracious friends!

My first encounter with aden + anais products was the organic muslin swaddles I received for O’s baby shower. They were so beautiful and versatile even now that O is 9 mths, I’m still using them.

The name itself is heart warming… mum and bub. Which means literally that. Both mommy and baby can use the product, specially formulated for those with contact dermatitis. It contains pawpaw fruit, known to cleanse and protect skin with atopic tendencies. Free from parabens, petroleum oils, gluten, soy and other artificial colors, it has a naturally infused mild scent from the pawpaw fruit which I prefer over the Mustela’s aroma-less range.

The bottle pump is smooth in action and the hair + body wash clear in color, fluid with little to no bubbles when worked on.

I applied the lotion on O after every bath, especially since he’s been crawling more, red patches would appear on his sensitive knees.

After using for 2 weeks, O showed zero allergies. Thus it would definitely be a product I will consider using besides Mustela.

I’ve shared the ointment when I had some insect bites, which smells of beeswax. It seemed to act more like a soothing and protective layer though.

Overall product performance: 9/10

Available at: Mothercare

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