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Yoghurt choices for baby

I started O on yoghurt when he is 7 months old.

After doing a mini research on the internet and books, I figured it will have to be full fat, unsweetened, natural and preferably organic.

I couldn’t find an unsweetened organic one, thus my first buy was this for quite a while:

It tastes yucky. Ok, maybe that’s a little strong to use on an otherwise all natural wholesome yoghurt. But even after adding fruits, I still hate the taste. It’s a blessing that O isn’t one to be picky about his food. But cos the only size available is the 500g, after 3 days of feeding O, we still pretty much have leftovers in the tub.

I usually handles it by ordering persuading trusty Daddy K to finish it. I know some mommies out there uses it for their facial mask and stuff like that. But I don’t particularly like putting food that I’m used to eating on my face. That, plus I do get a little sensitive with some facial products.

Then I discovered this really expensive unique brand at Cold Storage, Stonyfield’s “Yobaby” series. It’s organic, has original and other flavours like vanilla, peach, blueberry and banana. There’s even a 3-in-1 meal that boasts of a complete meal like yoghurt, apple and sweet potato packed in one small tub .

The thing that prevented me from stashing it straight into my shopping basket is the price. For 4 4oz mini tubs, it’s a whooping $11.50. Definitely a big jump from the $2.30 Paul’s yoghurt.

Daddy K’s eyes widens when he hears the price. But I thought it’s ok to let him try something new once in a while. So we bought it the next time round.

It definitely tastes slightly sweeter (and much better) than Paul’s, but the thing about buying food for baby is eventually he’s the one eating it. And I can’t tell whether O prefers it because he gave the same eager expression when he’s eating it, as does with other food.

There’s another goat’s milk yoghurt I haven’t tried for O which I saw in the same Cold Storage supermarket. When O gets older, he’ll probably gets to try Yoplait.

I know some mommies makes the yoghurt themselves. There’s a machine that you can buy and mix in powdered form ingredients to make the yoghurt. I can’t really see myself going through that hassle though. (Lazy rookie mom here)

So, how did you give your bubs yoghurt? Do share them with me! ^^

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