How to celebrate First Birthdays the “O” way… (1)

Old and Ordinary, that is.

1. Have a baby.

2. Have a Cake

3. Sing a birthday song.

4. Blow the candles on behalf of baby because he can’t do it yet without attempting to stick his hands into the cake (and fire).

5. Eat the Cake

6. (Optional) Get Balloons- ours was courtesy of trusty old friends, Ivy and Philip.

7. Allow Interactions.

8. Last but not least, thank all guests for their Gifts and Angbaos.


  • Back-up plans.

We originally intended to hold it at Pasir Ris Chalet, but our application didn’t go through and I suggested doing it in our own house but split them into 2 days.

  • Food.

K’s auntie works in a primary school cafeteria and we asked her to help cook us some food. She cooked enough for 20 when there’s only 10 of us.

  • Cake.

Ours is a 1.5kg frozen yoghurt cake we bought from -18℃ at 112 Katong Mall.

We chose natural flavor (so even baby can eat it), with plain whipped cream icing and chocolate wording and design at the side.

The little piano and musical notes and instruments are NOT included in the cake, it’s our own add-on from my Rement miniatures collection (basically I used to collect toys).

We’ve had some trouble trying to communicate to the lady at -18℃ for the customization because she keeps showing us the template designs when we stress we don’t want the cutesy marshmallows nor unimaginative chocolate chips/random swirls etc etc… When she keeps telling us we can add the marshmallows that I absolutely hate because it just looks so freaking ugly, I knew we wouldn’t be compromising on a design.

So we just told her to just write “OLIVER” on top of the cake, nothing else.

It took us twenty minutes and a little raising of the voice to get our point across.


Day One down, One to go.

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