How to celebrate First Birthdays the “O” way… (2)

Today, I really think it’s about Oliver.

You know how people say “Oh, first birthdays are just for adults cos the baby doesn’t know what’s going on anyway.”

I was a believer of that before, but today when I saw Oliver’s eyes widening as he slowly scans the people around singing “Happy Birthday” to him, smile bright as sunshine, I thought maybe, just maybe… it does mean something to him.

He looked so awed and fascinated and I’m quite embarrassed to say this, but I felt like crying.

It’s just so… beautiful.

Or Mommy M was just being an emotional ball of emotions because of a two days birthday celebration.

The second day was just as harried as the first. Look at this… it’s like a flurry of happenings.

And I don’t even want to know what Oliver is trying to do here…

Erm, a new interpretation of “hitting on girls”?

Sorry Lecia, I think O’s mommy was somewhere in the house maneuvering herself through the crowd talking to everyone.

Now, look who’s doing the “talking” to our Baby now…

He seems like he’s enjoying it. And the cake of course.

And then there’s the second day’s birthday presents.

I finally got the baby bible and cds!!! Which O’s mommy was too cheapskate to get cos she thought she’ll be able to get it for his first birthday, which he did.

He was trying to help me unwrap the presents ok…

But ends up playing with the tags and ribbons instead.

Why aren’t I even surprised?

Happy Birthday, Oliver.

You are One. 🙂

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