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Sometimes I don’t know why my son is crying

That’s a fact.

My 4 year old neighbor likes to ask me questions, not excluding the age old, “Why is Oliver crying har?”

To which I’ll reply, “You ask him lor.”


Oliver has been getting extra whiny after we sent him to full-day childcare. At first I was flabbergasted at the frequency of meltdowns that goes at the speed from zero to hell. And then I realized he was just tired. He’s extra tired from all the activities in school.

I also read that because they’ve been behaving themselves all day at school, they tend to take out their temper on the people they are closest to- namely, yours truly.


And then I came across this Tumblr blog that a fellow mummy mentioned.

I was laughing at every single photo and caption.


Go ahead, make your day:

Reasons my son is crying


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