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Funky Feet Shoes review: This is like Tracce or Clarks only that it’s for kids

I’ve been looking for a pair of new footwear for Oliver after he got some scuffing from his Kiddy Palace squeaky shoes (You know the type that goes ‘squeak squeak’ when the child walks?).

After washing, the fabric covering the shoes sort of roughens a little and because Oliver is such a delicate flower, his skin reddens whenever he wears it.


He has two pairs of hand-me-down Crocs but I realized his little toe starts to turn inwards from constant wearing and so I was putting him in socks and covered shoes for a couple of weeks. It’s pretty troublesome though.

Until I got a pair of Funky Feet shoes.



Isn’t the design just the cutest? It’s Oliver’s favorite- Dog.

At first touch, I notice that the quality is really good. It has a soft fleece-like cotton lining and non-slip suede soles. Handmade in Britain. The shoes slip on easily yet the expandable band is secure enough so Oliver couldn’t play with it (he likes to fiddle with the velcro straps and I can’t tell you how many times the shoes slipped off and we only realized it a minute later).



Oliver loves the shoes because this was the fourth time he was wearing it when we were shooting this and not only did he not attempt to take it off once, he was running around happily and stamping his little feet to feel the leaves crunching under.


I’ve long heard about the benefits of letting children go barefoot for health’s sake. But I was concerned about hygiene and sharp objects as well so I only allow Oliver to go barefoot in the house and playground.

The Funky Feet shoes is soft and light so that baby still feels the ground under his feet, yet thick enough so that chunky objects won’t hurt them. These are all aspects for a perfect baby first shoes.


However, if your child is old enough to totter around like Oliver, you might be concerned about them stepping on really sharp things. Another downside is the shoes isn’t waterproof.

Whilst Oliver is playing near the fountain, it got wet at the edges and although he’s unaffected, I still check it for any dampness on his feet.


All in all, this is a great pair for your early trotters.

It’s also machine washable! (Thank God)


If you want to try it out for yourself, Funky Feet Fashion from Baby’s Breath is doing a giveaway! Here’s simply how to win a pair of Funky Feet footwear worth $56.90 for your baby:

1. Share this post on your Facebook and “Like” Oliver Smile and Funky Feet Fashion facebook page.

2. Leave a comment here with your email address and tell me which design do you fancy for your little bub!

Images from Funky Feet Fashion, Baby Breath's website
Images from Funky Feet Fashion, Baby Breath’s website

For more designs, visit the website!

Giveaway ends on May 10th, 2013, 2359 hr.

And the results are out!

Congrats to Japhanie! Please PM me via Facebook your Name, Email and Mailing address for the voucher to be sent to you! ^^ And thanks to all mommies for the participation too! ^^

Picture 1



Disclaimer: Funky Feet footwear sponsored by Baby’s Breath. All opinions are my own.





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