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Drypers Drypantz: My user experience

What is the best diaper?

For me, it’d have to be:

1. Able to perform what it’s needed to do- hold pee & poo

2. Value for money

3. Easy to use (how many of us have mistaken the front for the back? LOL~)


I’ve been using different brands of diapers with Oliver. Now that he’s getting more mobile & refusing to lie down for his diaper changes (oh hello, ‘terrible two’), we’ve decided to “upgrade” him to pants to hopefully lessen the pain of diaper changing.

I’ve been trying out the Drypers DryPantz Active-Core (suitable for babies 6 months and up), and the very first thing I’ve noticed is that O absolutely love the design.

drypers drypantz

He was pointing at them and right after the first few uses, he’s actually ASKING for this particular diaper instead of his usual ones.

And oh! Look at that, the very useful “BACK” printed on for dodos like me!

The new and improved version of the Drypantz acts to quickly absorb urine and prevent flow-back. So far, we’ve only experienced one leakage and that’s only because O was sitting in an awkward position in his chair.

There’s only one thing I’ve gotta remind you. If you have a slightly more pudgy baby like mine, do get one size up.

The Flexi-Fit feature offers a snug fit for the baby, however, for O, even though he’s in the range of the stipulated 9-14 kg for L size, the band is too snug for him. He was complaining of the tightness every now and then (especially after a particularly good meal).


My verdict?

Drypers Drypantz is a value for money, absorbent diaper pants for toddlers. One more plus point for lazy parents: the band is so soft you can just tear it off from the side, so you don’t need to struggle to pull it off a stubborn toddler’s legs. Save time, save tears.

Look at him, pants on and all ready to ra-ra. At least I’ll have more time to spend with him at the playground instead of coercing him to change his diapers. 🙂


The Drypers Drypantz Active-Core costs $16.50 per pack and if you’re interested in getting a sample to try out for yourself, click here: Drypers Drypantz sample.


Disclaimer: Financial compensation not received for this post. Samples of product gifted by Drypers. All opinions expressed here are my own.




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