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CNY dresses and good online shops recommendation

I can’t bear to buy too much clothing from retail stores in Singapore.

Even more so after becoming a mom.

Firstly, I just don’t have the energy to go store-hopping anymore. Secondly, for almost a fraction of the price, you get almost the same quality and designs via online. And since I used to run a clothing business, I’ve chalked up enough experience to know which online shops to avoid, just by looking at their pictures. Fortunately, for all the years I’ve been shopping on the web, I’ve never been cheated.

As CNY is round the corner, I thought I’ll share some of my favorite sites with you:

1. Queen Fashion Shop


This is my go-to shop whenever I need something for everyday wear.

The clothing offered is very chic, trendy. It’s Taiwan based, but you can find Korean imported tops and pants in there as well. One of the unique features of this shop is, they have their own in-house designs.

I’ve purchased their house label’s pants and cardigans. The quality is nothing to rave about, but for the price (SG$12 onwards for a pair of jeans/pants), it’s not too bad either. For more mature/OL wear, you can check under their A’Lady Label. And for casual, sporty get-ups, Lanas will be the one to go to. All three labels are under the same site, so you can purchase from all three and get them to deliver to you in one parcel.

The site is super easy to navigate, and definitely a pleasure to shop in, with all the magazine layout and subtle colors.

Downside is, you’ve got to know Chinese to shop from the site, since the entire thing is in Chinese. Furthermore, Queen Shop has been around for the longest time and gained quite a cult following. Popular items are snapped up pretty fast and though most of the products can be back ordered, you’ll have to wait up to 2-3 weeks for the shipment.

I also find that the store has fewer dress varieties.

If you are rushing for time and need some one-piece outfits, this is where you can browse your fingers off.


Picture 1

And when I mean you can browse your fingers off, I literally mean you can get finger cramps from the sheer amount of clicking from the choices in store.

There’s thousands over dresses available and I’m so grateful for the filtering function else I’ll probably go cross-eyed from all the gazing.

Though there are many well-known brands listed like BCBG, Future State, Purpur, Mphosis etc, I find myself drawn to stuff under Inner Circle and Ezra. Look at the maxi dress & CNY Collection!


Since they house a lot of past season collections, you’ll find the prices slightly more forgiving on your pocket. Besides dresses, you can search for other apparels, shoes, accessories, bags, beauty products and men fashion as well!

There’s some very nice Steve Madden items and I’m looking to get a Anne Klein watch from there. Free delivery for above $40 and remember to sign up for the newsletter to get a $10 voucher!

3. Pupsik Studio


For new moms, you really cannot miss out on this DOTE collection.

It’s a Mandarin collar Nursing Top.


How cool is that? Oh my gosh…


The price is steep but A MANDARIN COLLAR NURSING TOP I cannot get my head over that pure geniousity seriously.

Pupsik Studio is based in Singapore and there’s free shipping for over $30. You can get many baby items from there as well.


So, itching for some shopping yet? 🙂


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