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Penang trip for the weekend. Oliver’s 1st time on a plane!

One of my lifetime wishes was to take my parents on a trip overseas.

But they were both gone before I had a chance to do so, well…


I fathom taking my mother-in-law is the same though, thus on March 9th, we flew to Penang for the weekend. My mother-in-law was from Penang so it’s more of a relative visiting trip.

And it’s Oliver’s first time on a plane too!


The mandatory before-flight photos would of course include O doing this:


We also found out that after passing the customs, selected drinks can be brought up the plane as long as they are sealed. Namely, the drinks from Yu Ren Sheng. 

O was too excited that he expended all his energy before the flight and the moment the plane took off, he knocked off cold. 

We didn’t even have the chance to use the ear plugs specially bought for him (though it’s pretty useless cos it’s too big a fit), but on the other hand, that means a relatively peaceful one hour plus journey.


I was super groggy throughout and even though the hotel room that our relatives reserved for us had a fantastic sea-facing view, I couldn’t muster up enough energy to even take a photo. 

If you notice, that’s me slumped in the background. 


They drove us to the night market for dinner and here’s the sight along the way.


It was warm and dry but we enjoyed dinner nonetheless. I think they ordered everything they possibly could- Penang laksa, rojak, cuttlefish, oyster eggs, char kway teow etc… O was of course, delighted.

We only retired to our hotel room around 11 plus and during the night, O was kicking around so much our poor mother-in-law took the couch next to the beds, LOLL~~~


My favourite place in Penang would be the one we visited the next day- Georgetown.

Parts of the streets were blocked off every Sunday from 7am to 5pm and you can rent a bicycle to explore the area. 


Being the goondo tourists we were, we rented the bike which carries three people (the fancy ones you see along East Coast Park) at a cut-throat price of RM$40 per hour.

Oh well, at least O had his thrill of being Driver of the day.


There’s a flea market and various activities along Beach Street. And cos we just so happened to visit when the unfortunate MH370 incident struck, we witnessed this heartwarming scene at the roads.


Some students were holding this charity event and they were encouraging people to pray for the victims on the flight of MH370.

O, of course, was happily oblivious to all this. Which is good thing, I guess?



The famous murals around Georgetown.



Oliver was pretending to be angry when we were taking photos of this Superman mural.

Don’t ask me, I don’t understand the mental state of a 2.7 year old most of the time.


After lunch, we made our way up the Penang Hill.

For some reason, the aerial view reminds me of Taiwan.


There’s also a “love locks” bridge ala the ones in Korea and Paris and the elders were coercing us to get a lock as well. 

Yew. No.

If I’d wanted, I would have done it back in Paris.


To appease the elders though, we took an infamous selfie.


A short hike up and there’s a small cafe that overlooks the town.


O was more interested in running around with his new Jiejie and disturbing innocent wildlife.


A panoramic view of the place.


We went shopping afterwards whilst our mother-in-law took O back to the hotel for a nap. (The perks of travelling with your parents-in-law)

But since we’re rather pressed for time, we only browsed through the place, snagging a luggage bag at SG$90 before heading back for a quick wash up before dinner.

The view from our hotel once more:


Beautiful isn’t it?

Too bad we didn’t bring any swim wear with us cos we thought we’ll be staying with the relatives.


Dinner was across the new constructed second bridge at Penang mainland. 


It was a long, long drive and as it’s fairly new, people swarmed the place and the seafood restaurant we’re supposed to go to ran out of food.

They literally RAN OUT OF FOOD.

We were herded out and settled on another restaurant called the Prawn Village.


I dunno what is this but they said it’s delicious so we just ate.

You have to use a toothpick to poke the flesh out, which is pretty fun. Dab a little chilli and put it in your mouth. 

It tasted a bit like… a softer version of squid. 

Okay, I guess.


I was a bit concerned with the lack of vegetables through out the trip and O wasn’t pooping. So once I spotted vegetables at the table this time, I got O to eat it as much as possible. 


On our last day, we were guided around Penang’s Straits Quay. 

It was notably more modern and Western looking and I found a quaint little cafe called Real Food, where I got a packet of organic Lavender buds.


This was O’s fav pose of the day.

Don’t ask.


And I don’t know why he insisted on lifting up his shirt for this picture. 


 To sum up our entire Penang trip…

We ate.


We ate. Ate some more, and even before the flight back, we were munching on Macdonald fries and nuggets.

The haze was cloaking both Penang and Singapore though.

And we didn’t get much rest cos O’s internal body clock wakes him up at an unruly 5am (or 630 am if we’re lucky) no matter what. Four Points hotel boasts of a breathtaking view but we weren’t used to the soft beds and my body was aching all over.


Next time, we aren’t taking O anymore.


Well, at least not until he’s older and doesn’t kick people out of the bed.

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