Just the 2 of us. Seoul, Korea- Day 3 (Hongdae, Trickeye Museum) Part 2

During travelling, the one most important thing after all that leg-killing walk…

is a rest stop.

If you happen to be at Hongdae in summer, I highly recommend this place: Snow Spoon Cafe

hongdaeIt’s a yoghurt store, similar to those like Sogurt and Frolick in Singapore where you pay by weight.


hongdae2There’s also yoghurt ice cream available!

hongdae3We ordered the Sweety Lady strawberry ice cream (3800 krw≈SG$4.80) and a mint chocolate frappe. I’m not usually a strawberry fan, but this one tasted delicious!

hongdae8There’s a huge table for you to rest your tired legs and free ice water refreshment too.



Another thing you absolutely HAVE TO TRY in Hongdae is their CHICKEN!

hongdae6We got the garlic soy sauce flavor and it’s like fried chicken and rice cake in a cup.

I’m so glad I ate this ‘cos truthfully, I think it’s even better than the famous TwoTwo Fried Chicken, haha…


We continued our walk…


And here we are at our destination!


The Trick Eye Museum has an admission fee of 15000 krw but you can download discount coupons from Visit Korea’s website at 12000 krw. A better alternative will be to buy it off Trazy at US$10, saves you alot of trouble.


I’m not crazy about taking photos of myself so K was mainly the model for the day.

trickeyemuseumAin’t he the alluring one. 🙂

Of course he can be manly as well…


Sometimes disturbing…


A pain in the ass…


But he’s my man. 🙂



There’s an ice museum as well on the same floor. It’s zero degrees celcius and since we weren’t dressed for the occassion, K gave me his jacket and opted to go in plain tee and jeans.


Obviously enjoying being a snowstick.

After all that posing, we’re ready for dinner. Since it’s weekend, there’s lots of public performances in Hongdae.



When we round to the Children’s Park again, we spotted another street snack- Bbopgi!


It’s actually caramel candy with various shapes. You’re supposed to poke the outline with a needle and if you can get that shape intact without cracking, you’ll get another one free!


Did I succeed?


Obviously not, lol~ So how was the taste?


It was just burnt caramel, I’m sort of glad I didn’t succeed, hahaha…

K didn’t either, but hey, we tried. 🙂


The vegetarian bibimbap restaurant we were looking for had already closed down, so we settled for this small restaurant in the alleys instead.

We were pretty tired and didn’t remember to photograph the main dish, lol~ So here’s the banchan (side dishes) for you. It’s boiled pork at a very affordable price and comes with a glass noodles stew.







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