Just the 2 of us- Day 5 (Samcheongdong, Insadong, Miss Lee cafe) Part 2

More sightseeing in Samcheong dong…samcheongdongasamcheongdong1samcheongdongMascot themed cafes…samcheongdong2samcheongdong3Samcheong-dong and Bukchon Hanok are very near Insadong, I think it was about a 15 mins walk? And we successfully found ourselves at the Miss Lee cafe.

It’s just at the road junction, rather conspicuous. msleeThe cafe caught fame from the Korean celebrities reality show, “We got married”. Needless to say, I was an ardent follower of that particular series where Yonghwa (CNBlue vocalist) and Seohyun (SNSD member) paired to act as a “married couple”. They were so awkward but cute together it’s endearing.

Also, cos the cafe has a neat little concept where you can enjoy dosirak (traditional Korean “lunch boxes”) and leave a little message afterwards to hang around the place.

See the thickets of paper notes?

msleecafe1The lunch box wasn’t very expensive, about 6000 krw? There’s also free refills if you order the drinks and again, free WIFI~ The password is in the menu book you see below:msleecafe2This is how it looks like:msleecafe3Basically, you have to stir mix the rice with the sauces properly, ala the old days when Korean children bring their lunchboxes to school. And here comes the shaking!msleecafeThe taste is rather generic- It’s just rice with sausage, egg and seasoned vegetables, lol~ But still kinda fun!

Miss Lee Cafe: 144, Gwanhun-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea (they have 3 branches in Seoul)

After dinner, we proceeded along Insadong. It’s A. TOURIST. TRAP.

Unless you’re into tacky gifts and souvenirs, that is. insadongWe made a beeline for Ssamziegil, an iconic mall in the heart of Insadong. insadong1The structure of the building being it’s unique point.insadong3We tried the poop bread. It’s red bean pancake shaped like poop!insadongaWe just window-shopped ‘cos the prices were all rather steep. insadong4The top level of the building has this cute cafe with similar concept to Ms Lee, where you can hang your love notes up. We didn’t go in though.insadong5insadongbThe view at dusk.

insadongcWe ended up at Myeongdong for our dinner, which technically was made up of snacks like these:koreasnackingAnd we wandered around and saw this at the Lotte Young Plaza. The steps keyboard really plays!myeongdongyoungplazaK had a go at it: 

Lol~ What a dork~


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