What it’s really like living with a 3 year old

Working in a company where I’m sort of the only one with a child in a family, has it’s challenges.

My colleagues are an understanding lot, but sometimes you really have to go through it yourself to fully comprehend what goes behind the title: Mom. 

1. There’s no such thing as waking up naturally anymore.

Your alarm can range anything from a blaring horn in the morning, some off-tune singing repeated on an unrelenting loop, to a poorly timed tantrum. I’m already fortunate in the sense K’s the one dropping off O at school so technically speaking, I don’t have to wake at odd hours to tend to his majesty’s stomach. But that doesn’t mean I’m spared from slumber intrusion due to the din outside the door. Most of the time, I drift in between consciousness until they step out of the house.


2. Mealtimes consist of trying to get food down your stomach and making sure your toddler doesn’t destruct his food/the place/himself. 

It’s like, imagine trying to type a report whilst your the phone is ringing non-stop. You.really.can’t.focus.


3. You are dealing with a highly volatile individual- An attention span of minutes, a see-saw emotional range from extremely ecstatic to a dangerous meltdown in seconds.

Triggers can include anything from shoes that don’t cooperate, doors that don’t open, figures that don’t draw themselves, not getting that toy, parents not understanding what is “i snmgjhhj un jdjkkk”, bedtimes, shower times, you. Himself. Food. No food.

Practically anything and everything.

4. Your schedule is basically centred around one person and any social life (or lack thereof) is subjected to multitudinous variants. 

So when I say no, I really prefer not to attend that meeting/event/trip with my colleagues and friends, even when I can make the time, that doesn’t mean I hate you all. I love you guys to bits & pieces, but after all that mental & physical exhaustion, I want to love myself a tad as well. 


Though we’re pretty tied down by a pint sized human, you’ll probably, however, also start appreciating little stuff like:

1. How an ordinary thing suddenly becomes special- A box, a balloon, rain, dead insects, stickers, wheels or bulldozers. That the same ordinary thing operates a special switch in your brain- Whenever you see it, a face pops up in your mind (sometimes alongside a whiny or awe-filled voice). It becomes… Personal. 


2. Little hugs, little kisses, grammar error-filled sentences from little mouths, sticky hands and sweaty little heads. You learn that time isn’t about the minutes and seconds, but moments caught between walking home, car rides, after dinners and breaking of light.

You can’t capture every moment, but you live it. 


So, what is it really like living with a three year old?


It’s that Love, can come in the form of a very annoying little person. 

But you know what? 

It’s the cutest annoying little person you’ll ever have in your entire life. 


 And three years, is probably not enough.


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