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Kids-friendly cafe in Singapore- A for Arbite

If you live in the East, specifically near Bugis or Beach Road, you’ll be spoilt for choice at the number of cafes available around the area.

We visited A for Arbite at Aliwal arts centre today. A few steps down, is another renowned kids-friendly cafe, Eat Play Love.

arbiteArbite is a pun for Danish, “work”, but this cafe is more school-themed than work to be honest. 


arbite2Look at the blackboard and colour theme, it’s like a canteen/classroom hybrid.

arbite3There’s no stone faced teachers or loud aunties here though, just very warm and friendly staff who offered Oliver some chocolate eggs cos it’s Easter Sunday. He also got to eat for free cos of the holiday, 😉

arbite4Here’s the menu:

arbite5I ordered the Salmon Florentine at $16 and K opted for the Chef’s pick of the day, Beef Malanese for $18+.


At first when I flipped the crepe open, I thought the poached eggs looked like cream cheese and wondered whether the staff gave me the wrong order, lol~ But after cutting it open, they’re definitely eggs.


The portions were really huge and cos O got a free kids pasta, K had trouble finishing his main course.

The taste somehow reminded me of the time we were in Paris- Very Europe influenced cuisine.

arbite9As we were waiting for K to finish his humongous meal, O took advantage of the play tools available at the counter.

arbite10I browsed around the tea selections and magazines.


arbite8The total bill came up to about $45, pretty decent. And it’s definitely a good place to chill out with friends cos of the quietness and space. The warm and prompt service is also a major plus.

My only gripe, is there’s no free wifi, haha…

This is a really charming neighbourhood, so I would encourage you to spend some time strolling around, towards the direction of Haji Lane.


There’s a cat cafe two streets down that I reviewed in my next post.


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