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Kids-friendly cafe- Meomi Cat cafe

I’m a cat lover.

I don’t mind dogs, but if I were to choose, I prefer cats. Growing up, we had the occasional pet fish, tortoises, rabbits etc, but never a cat or a dog.

Somehow, I think my preference rubbed off on O. He’s still a tad cautious towards animals though, so we took him to a cat cafe to get him acquainted with these furry friends.

meowmi24The Meomi Cat cafe is situated at North bridge road, next to Haji Lane, where it’s pretty easy to spot. Before you enter the cat area, you have to leave your shoes in the cabinet.

meowmiThe tiny hallway where you can shop for cat-themed souvenirs.


meowmi2At $13 per hour, I don’t consider it a cheap hangout, but subsequent hours are rated at $5, and most indoor playgrounds are around the same price. So if you’re looking for a nice place to chill (there’s free wifi) and a chance for your little ones to mix with these cute creatures, this is worth thinking about. What’s more, the price comes with a free drink. We topped up $5 for a dessert and other beverages choice.

meowmi6Before you enter, the friendly staff will run you through the do’s and don’ts- Don’t hit the cats, don’t carry them etc. And a squirt of hand sanitizer for good measure.

meowmi5Open the door, and you’re in cats heaven.





meowmi12Lovely, isn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚

The staff introduced each and every cat to us, telling us their age, what breed they are etc. And they’ll hilariously tell you, Oreo, the cat below, is positively not pregnant. Apparently every customer asked them the same question cos of her belly size.

meowmi15We quickly found out why. The moment the staff brought out the cat treats for us to feed them, she woke from her comatose and stalked us.


O had a lovely time interacting with the felines!

meowmi19Besides food for the cats, we fed ourselves as well.

meowmi16Our belgian chocolate cake. Very basic, but still delicious. The jasmine tea is superbly fragrant on the tongue too.

I also like how it’s really cosy in there as there’s only 6 tables so even when it’s full house, it doesn’t feel overly crowded.





O had so much fun he didn’t want to leave after an hour, even getting a little teary-eyed. Personally, I felt two hours will be more comfortable but K thought an hour is enough.

So we said goodbye to our favourites. Mine was Frowny, the ragdoll…



O’s was Mario, the munchkin. How befitting, lol~


You can get a hold of their personal merchandise at the door.

meowmi4We didn’t get any, but incidentally, I purchased some cat-themed items at Haji Lane before we entered the shop, hahaha…


Even if you’re not a cat lover, this area will be a lovely place to explore for their numerous cafes, vintage/apparel stores and overall charm. ๐Ÿ™‚

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