Travel Taiwan: Our must see, must eat, must do (Part 2)

Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

My colleague was the one who recommended this place, saying I will definitely like it. So did I? Let’s see.

On the way to the park, we passed by this barricade decorated with protest slogans, something about the public against the movement of them demolishing the place and uprooting old trees. I’m forever fascinated by the amount of creativity and boldness of the Taiwanese regarding social and political issues.

taiwan13There’s many amusing slogans but the following one topped the list.

taiwan14 The park is quite a distance from the MRT. You can find the exact directions here.


taiwan16There’s a small bazaar going on. I’m liking it already cos it’s mostly handmade and original works.


taiwan17This particular store called Mori Shu caught my eye.

taiwan18The owner was eagerly introducing all the characters to me- Original illustrations printed on apparel and accessories. I got a tee for about SG$28 and handphone case around SG$22. You can shop online as well.

There’s a Hello Kitty and Gundam exhibition going on though admission fees apply. taiwan20

We opted to visit the free galleries around instead.


The place is quite big and you might need at least an hour to cover the entire area. However, since most of the galleries didn’t catch my interest, we roamed for about 30 mins before giving up and heading towards another direction.

Food trucks!taiwan21taiwan22There’s another Eslite here.

taiwan23And more shopping.



taiwan29The view from inside Eslite.

taiwan30This place is huge. Compared to the Xinyi flagship store, the Eslite Songyan branch is unique for its craft workshops. There’s a pottery and blowglass class going on when we were there.



taiwan33I got three of these adorable postcards at NT$60 (≈SG$3) each.


taiwan35This area is great for getting souvenirs or gifts for friends. We didn’t take pics but there’s a whole section of traditional snacks and tea selections and I highly recommend the 中式汉饼 pastries from Jiu Zhen Nan.

Akuma Caca Cafe

This was a pleasant discovery cos we were just looking for some place to rest our tired feet but instead, we chanced upon one of the most delicious waffles I’ve ever eaten!taiwan27

It’s a very small area tucked at the side of the food court and we ordered some matcha and chocolate beverages.


And here comes the star!

taiwan26The chocolate waffles is served with dollops of whipped cream and THIS IS THE BEST WHIPPED CREAM I’VE EVER EATEN YET. Which is really saying something cos I don’t even like whipped cream?

The service staff told me the whipped cream is handmade and it tastes nothing like the cream I usually ate. It’s very refreshing and reminded me more of light ice cream. At SG$9, this is definitely value for money. Also check out the quirky geometric dinnerware the cafe offers. You can order mains as well.

Verdict? My colleague knows me well.

Songshan Cultural and Creative park definitely qualifies for my must-go next trip.

After retiring to our apartment, we set out again in the night for dinner.

Xi Men Ding

I don’t think this place needs much introduction. It’s like the Orchard road of Singapore.


Pretty ceramic wares but too fragile to bring back…

taiwan38Besides the famous Ah Chung mee sua (rice vermicelli), one of my favourite food here is the 卤肉饭 minced meat rice!Pair it with some vegetables and squid soup and it’s a cheap and satisfying meal.

taiwan39I like Xi Men Ding cos there’s always some street performers somewhere. During weekends, you can also catch some artistes’ fansign or singing performances. All for free!


Check out our full Taiwan trip here!


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