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Oliver’s 4! Birthday outing at The City, Liang court

O was asking, “Daddy, am I five years old already?”

And we told him, “Baby, you’re not even four yet.”

Needless to say, he’s really excited about his birthday and can’t wait to grow up. As per custom, we prepared some gifts for his classmates. To be honest, we already ran out of gift ideas like, last year. So I asked myself, what can I do? Well, I can bake. So here we are:



Handmade mini cakes with strawberries, yogurt and cornflakes in a glass jar. We got the pudding jars from Qoo10 at $1.20 each. K designed the sticker labels. And here’s the celebratory cake for the class:

Chocolate chiffon Digger cake.

oliver4bday1oliver4bday3O loves diggers, so I searched the internet for some ideas and came up with this. The chiffon cake recipe is from a book called 我的幸福烘焙厨房. And the digger sponge cake recipe from ochikeron, baked in a 2 cups loaf pan instead. Attached chocolate biscuits as windows and Oreo cookies for wheels, using maltose (麦芽糖) as glue. The cake sort of fell when I was inverting it to cool so there’s dents in odd places but oh well, I’m short of time so we had to make do.

Packed the jars and kids-sized milk packets in paper gift bags. The bags are surprisingly sturdy and holds up really well. I got them from at $7.50 for 6.


K and I also took a day’s leave to bring him to The City at Liang court, a playground specializing in pretend play. We passed by it a few times and K had wanted to take him once he’s of suitable age.

thecityliangcourt16For some reason, K thought we don’t need socks so O and I didn’t bring any. But as per all indoor playgrounds, you need to wear socks to enter. The staff was kind enough to tell us that though we can buy a pair at $5 each from them, there’s other stores in the shopping mall selling at cheaper prices. And it’s true, we went to the ground floor and got mine at $3.90.

After giving the go ahead, we stepped into the play area and oh my, what a pretty, pretty place!


thecityliangcourt1Look at the play kitchen area! There’s all kinds of faux food and even ovens, everything is toddler sized and oh-so-cute! I tell you, if I were to come to this place when I was young, I would have gone ga-ga.

Children can also try on any of the outfits for free.


O picked the fireman’s attire straight away.

thecityliangcourt3He was excited to attempt everything and I can totally understand why. See? There’s even a mini supermarket and it’s just so cute?


thecityliangcourt5As we visited on a weekday, the place was largely unoccupied and O was able to “shop” to his heart’s content.

thecityliangcourt6There’s toy cashiers which you can teach the child to recognize numbers and calculations.

thecityliangcourt17O wasn’t too keen on understanding all the figures though, lol~ So he moved on to being a chef.

thecityliangcourt7I know I’m repeating myself but this is uber cute? Our order for the day:

thecityliangcourt8Moving on… K probably got sick from all the food so O’s taking his temperature.


thecityliangcourt10He might look all benevolent here but in reality, he gave all of them injections without caring what the other was suffering from. You won’t want to be treated by Doctor O.


Sorry but… Squealing from the cute!

The superhero room. thecityliangcourt12

This was the only room that O didn’t enter- The postal area.

thecityliangcourt13His last “job” of the day- A policeman.

O can’t be a serious model cos he kept making duck faces when you tell him to smile.

thecityliangcourt14Catching “thieves”!

thecityliangcourt15To be honest, I got bored after around 40 minutes and was just spacing off, but O looked like he was having the time of his life, lol~ We stayed for around 2 hours. Kinda grateful we chose a weekday to come cos there’s only 3-4 kids there. K commented if we are staying near, he’ll definitely take up the membership. And I concur.

The City

Admission fees:

  • Under 2 years, $18
  • 2 years and above, $22
  • Adults, Free
  • Babies under 1 year, Free (if accompanied by a paid sibling)

Weekdays – unlimited visit
Weekends, School holidays & Public Holidays – limited for 2 hours

We ended the day with an affordable and filling dinner at Yayoi. Happy birthday my baby. Remember, you can be anyone you want to be. 🙂



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