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M1 Chinese Theatre Festival- The wee Question Mark & the Adventurer

Though an electronic device is convenient for keeping children entertained, I can’t deny I still prefer the old fashioned method of human interaction.

There’s a Chinese theatre festival going on right now and two of these plays are suited for children 5 and above (O is only 4 years old but they allowed us through on condition that he not cause a nuisance). I thought “The wee Question Mark & the Adventurer” would interest O and it’s also a good chance to expose him to theatricals.

We got the 2pm Saturday show and arrived early for lunch first.

lasalleLasalle College of the Arts is such a beautiful place. But O was attracted by this:

lasalle1I remembered Lowercase cafe being featured in an online magazine & I can understand why.

lowercasecafe3lowercasecafe2This is totally the kind of place that I would walk into due to the ambience and what’s even more amazing is of course this children alluring set-up- An inflatable playgroud. How cool is that?


lowercasecafe1O had a lot of fun in there and we had to stop him midway in case he tire himself out even before he’s begun watching the play. We didn’t eat here though, K wanted to bring me to this authentic Viet eatery nearby. But I took note of the menu before leaving.


lowercasecafe6Would wanna visit this place again in the future, as the staff said that the inflatable playground is available every weekend. 🙂

After lunch, we proceeded to the entrance of the venue.

lowercasecafe7The story is about a youth who embarked on a dangerous sea journey, so there’s this makeshift boat outside.



The play doesn’t allow for photography or recording so that’s all I took.

O was super quiet during the show, I can tell he’s a wee bit lost from the unfamiliar words used, but the exaggerated movements and music kept him enraptured. Subsequently when I asked him, he said the show is very nice and will like to watch again. 🙂

This play has already ended its’ run, but there’s another show suitable for children called “Into the Flood”, which you can check out here.

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