Tokyo Travel Nov 2015 Day 1 [pt 1]- Tsukiji Market

Our first trip to Tokyo was in 2008. A marriage, a baby and some years on, we revisited this beautiful place. Again, just the two of us.

We flew with ANA, direct flight to Haneda airport, totalling SG$1440 for 2 pax.

I can’t say there’s much difference between Haneda and Narita airport, since it took us approximately an hour to reach our accommodation anyway.

The first thing we did was to apply for a SIM card. When you come out of the entrance, turn right and you will see this:


It costs ¥$4500 (S$54) per card for 1GB data, which doesn’t include call minutes. Next, we headed towards the train station to get our Suica cards.

japan2The helpful staff knows English and directed us to where we were supposed to board our trains.

I don’t remember there being any florists in the train stations before…

japan3It’s a 5 mins walk from the Sasasuka train station to our apartment, which we booked from Airbnb at S$797 for 6 nights.

It’s a typical Japanese apartment, very small, but all the amenities are there, including a washer/dryer. The one qualm I had about it was, it’s very noisy at night as the house was right next to the railway tracks and you can hear the rumbling constantly. Not recommended for light sleepers.

This is how our apartment looks like from the ground level. For more pics, you can click here.

japanairOur first meal at Tokyo! Ramen and rice. Not exactly fantastic, but it’s decent.

japan5We don’t know a lick of Japanese except the usual arigato and sumimasen, so luckily there’s pictures on the vending machine for us to place orders.

japanaThere’s a supermarket nearby so we took the opportunity to stock up on the things we need. A peek at the stuff available…


japan7After paying for your groceries, you must pack them yourselves…


There’s also a convenience store where I spotted one of my favourite characters, Gudetama! It’s ice-cream by the way~

japan9Pachinko centre… Apparently there’s still alot of people during week nights.


After a fitful night, we woke up exceptionally early without the aid of any alarms. The view from the balcony…

japan12If you ask K, you’ll know that I’m not a morning person, so surprisingly, this is me at 7:30 a.m, which is 6:30 a.m. in Singapore time.

japan2ofusSince we were up so early, our first destination of the day: Tsukiji market!

Once you come out of the station, just follow the crowd (those who look like tourists, yup). This is kinda cute…

japan14We were trailing behind a small tour group and before we know it, here we are!

japan15There’s 5-6 rows of shops selling all kinds of stuff…



japan17Also some restaurants where we settled down in one for breakfast. Raw fish for breakfast? Yes! Haha~ We skipped those with long queues and went for this one…


japan19We don’t understand anything on the menu, but there’s pictures so we just chose those that looked appetizing, lol~

This is the seasonal menu which turned out to be some mixtures of innards or something. I’m not too sure, but it’s definitely not a dish we would order again.

japan20The sushi assortment we ordered was absolutely DELICIOUS! The tamago was nice, the smoked fish was nice, and I finally found out the name to the heavenly fish I tasted back in Taiwan- It’s engawa!

It’s a white fish that’s a tad sweet and goes smoothly down the throat~ I couldn’t get enough of it!

japan21The meal set us back by about S$20 but I’ll say it’s about the same price in Singapore. We walked further on into the market (it’s actually really huge) and saw these dangos!

japan23I’ve always wanted to try the authentic ones so we got a box… The red bean one I’m holding is sweet and the white ones are salty. It’s basically glutinous rice though. I prefer the sweet red bean.

japandIt’s 9 a.m. and the market is open to public! (Before this, it’s closed for tuna auctions) Let’s go!

japan24This is easily one of my favourite parts out of the entire trip… Such. An. Eye. Opener.

japan25I’ve never actually seen salmon roes selling in bunches like this…



japan27Fresh bonito flakes!japan28I bought a small packet. If I could, I would have bought more cos if you’re into Japanese dishes, get one of these, plus konbu, you can make your own dashi stock for recipes!

More egg…japan29We were getting kinda dizzy with the numerous shops but there’s this section where there’s lots of food to sample!

japan30You must try the wasabi chips! I bought a packet back for my colleagues and they absolutely went head over heels for them, haha~

japan31Fishcakes… They look better than they taste though, we were a tad surprised that it’s cool, not warm.


japan33We didn’t eat the torched scallops cos I wasn’t feeling it that day, I have no idea why, lol~

japan34More snacks! There’s some really interesting combinations like peanut butter crackers and all sorts of nuts.

japan35It’s November, the chestnuts season and I was really tempted to bring them back! Look at how ripe and plump they are!


japancSo many people standing around to eat…japaneInstead of eating at the restaurants like we did, you can also buy sets like these and consume them standing up.


Note: Tsukiji fish market is moving soon!


Next post here!

See the rest of our Tokyo trip here.

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