Tokyo Travel Nov 2015 Day 2- Tokyo Metropolitan bldg, Mentsu-dan Udon, Loft, Pablo

There’s a few places where you can enjoy a bird’s eye view in Tokyo. But this is probably the only one that’s free: Tokyo Metropolitan government building.

On the way to the observatory, we can’t help but notice how clean the streets are. In Japan, we can see workers cleaning even the grooves of escalators early morning, something I’ve never witnessed in the 30 or so years of my life in Singapore. The attention they pay to details is amazing.

japan57There’s hardly any crowd even though this is the CBD area, cos we visited on Saturday. We took some time trying to locate the building, then queuing up at the lift to go up the 45th floor. That was probably the only time we saw more people, mostly tourists, going to the same place.


japanjWe only spent a very short while there taking some pics before we moved on. Incidentally, K found out there’s a flea market just across the road and we took an impromptu trip to the park.


japan60This was one of the most memorable parts of my trip cos it’s so fun! So much to see and I’m quite surprised the goods sold at the flea market were of such varied and high quality~ I bought two tops at ¥300 (SG$4), a skirt at ¥400 and a coat for ¥500. K got some t-shirts as well.

japanlA couple shot before we proceeded to Shinjuku for lunch.

There’s a famous udon place called Mentsu-dan we wanted to try. Unfortunately, google maps was having trouble pinpointing the place so we wasted some time finding it.

japan67Pretty unassuming place.

japan66First you choose the udon noodles and base you want… Don’t worry, there are pictures and English available!


Order at the counter…


japanmGet your udon, move down the line where you can top up with your favourite meat and vegetables…

japan61Fill up with either hot or cold soup… (This is refillable!)

japan62And there you have it, your very own customized udon noodle bowl!

japan63Plain water is refillable as well, so do take advantage of that if you’re a traveler.

japan64Very satisfying, affordable meal. You can find the same dining concept in Singapore at Idaten udon.

Next up is Tokyu hands!

japan69Unfortunately, nothing in particular caught my eye. We ventured to Takashimaya where I saw some really cute Q-pot accessories.


japan71We went for the real edibles at the Isetan basement instead.

japan72Cassis Chocolat (the purple one) from Sadaharu Aoki and Chocolatine, marron cake from Henry Carpentier.

I ate some before remembering to take a picture so this is all that’s left, hahaha~ I think the best is Cassis Chocolat from Sadaharu Aoki.

japannWe also chanced upon some Harry Potter exhibition.

japan74japan73Also a sheep installation. Don’t ask me. I have no idea what this is.
japan75We headed to Shibuya, where I enjoyed shopping at Loft more than I did at Tokyu hands. It’s somewhat like the lifesyle section of Eslite in Taiwan. There’s cosmetics, bento accessories, homewares, stationery etc… Spanning 7 storeys. You can also do your tax refund directly at the customer counter.

japan76We also tried the famous Pablo cheesecake nearby.


japan77The queue wasn’t very long as it’s getting late. You can choose the medium, where the cheese isn’t so gooey. Or rare, where the moment you cut it open, the cheese oozes out.

I’m not sure whether it’s cos we took too long a time to get back to our apartment, but though we ordered rare, the cheese didn’t really flow out as like those we saw in videos, lol~

Anyway, before we headed back, we had dinner at the Tempura place near our house.

japanpI actually find myself missing this very much after I came back to Singapore. And… Cheesecake for dessert!



Admittedly, I’m not a fan of cheesecake, and at first, when we realized they only sell it whole- all 6? 7? inches of it, we were hesitant.

But lo and behold, this cake is addicting. I find myself finishing almost a quarter of it before I could stop myself.



Next post here!

See the rest of our Tokyo trip here.


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