Tokyo Travel Nov 2015 Day 3, 4- Harajuku, La Foret, Jiyugaoka

We visited Harajuku twice during this trip, it was raining both times, lol~

japan79Judging from the crowd, this is the hip, trendy zone for youngsters in Japan. Many fashion stores, crepes snacks, and a very prominent Daiso lined the street.

Too bad cos of the crowd and rain, we couldn’t shop as comfortably as we liked, I didn’t bother taking much pictures as well. However, it’s definitely a place I’ll revisit! And I must recommend you this very delicious snack- Zakuzaku Croquant Chou!

japan80It’s basically a cream puff, touted to be from Hokkaido! The puffs are freshly made in front of your eyes, and oh my, every bite is heaven (or I could be just hungry, lol). It costs about SG$3 each. Do eat it while it’s still warm cos I doubt the taste would be as good if left out for long.

K dropped me at La Foret while he went shopping at some basketball street nearby. And I bought this ridiculously genuine looking toast brooch! It’s about SG$18+ but I thought it was too quirky to give up!

japan81It even smells like real bread and I was telling K and giving him a whiff while he insisted it’s my imagination. And you know what? A week ago when I took it out of my accessories box, it turned moldy! There’s real yeast in there I tell you!

Totally mindblown~

Fortunately, I was able to salvage it by giving it a good clean and some sunlight.


I almost bought these kitsch looking earrings as well but I know I’ll hardly wear them~ Made from shrink plastic and some really gorgeous handiwork there.

As we were rushing for a concert, we didn’t dwell too long before heading for Tokyo Dome.

japan45Whose concert were we watching? These guys:

japan44Exo has been my guilty pleasure since four years ago. I really love one of the vocalists, and since Tokyo Dome is one of the real deals for concert-goers, I took the plunge when a pair of concert tickets came up in Twitter and bought them off a Japanese fan. Ironically, their concert ticket is so much cheaper there, about SG$210, compared to Singapore’s, which cost me around SG$320.

The venue is HUGE.

japan83I had no idea I signed up for a standing concert lol~ We bought seating tix, but were on our feet for almost every single song. For some reason, the fans chose to stand whenever the boys appear, only to sit down during the VCR parts.

Although our seat wasn’t too bad (we’re like row 10 or something), the distance from the stage was still very far and most of the time, they were like the size of my pinkies. There’s some songs where they were in moving carts and came very close to the audience, so it’s pretty fun. Though the audio seemed very caustic? for lack of a better word. Unlike the time I was at Taipei.

Taipei Dome is still my favourite concert venue to be honest. The fans in Japan were rather well-behaved, but there’s still some scattered screams during ballads, which is one of my pet peeves. In contrast, the Taiwan fans were absolutely quiet during slow songs, so much so when I let out a squeak, I feel judged~ Hahaha…

The next day, we headed to Jiyugaoka. If you like quaint and quiet streets, this is definitely the place to go!

The moment we stepped out of the train station, we saw this shop that resembles our Soup Spoon, haha~japan84

japan85Shortly after strolling down the streets, we came across this Instagram famous donuts!japan86


Ikumimama Donuts! All of them are so kawaii I didn’t know which one to choose!

japan88The sales assistant must be used to the photo-taking cos she allowed us to snap away while she wrapped my order.

Even the rings are uber cute!japan89This was the one we bought- A bit dense and sugary, but tasted nice overall! I mean, even if you are not a donut fan, how can you resist this amount of kawaii-ness?japan90Further down the road…japan91Cat lovers will love these rugs.japan92We also came across a fabrics shop~japan93

japan94I love pretty fabrics but honestly, my sewing sucks so I’ll just admire the prints lol~japan95It was a Monday thus the tranquility~japan96

japan97It’s like we were caught in a movie or something, every where we turned was a picture worthy moment~ The cafes…japan98

japan99A lone playground…japan100A temple snuggled in the midst.japan102

However, these were not what we came for~ The answer would be revealed next post! ^^



See the rest of our Tokyo trip here.




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