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Tokyo Travel Nov 2015 Day 4 [pt 2]- Peter Rabbit cafe, Cuoca

Down the streets of Jiyugaoka…japan103I love how there’s parking lots for strollers and bicycles…japan104And here we are! One of our sole purposes in Jiyugaoka!

                                                                    Peter Rabbit Cafe!japan105Go up the stairs…japan106Reception counter with an array of Peter Rabbit goodies…japan108japan114Was soooo tempted to buy these plates! japan113We did buy the butter bread for ¥320 though. It’s quite delicious! Just a tad hard~japan111We were ushered to our seats~japan109So many rooms…japan110And a huge Peter Rabbit was placed together with us for dining! Each and every table has them.japanrjapan107japan112There’s also some Peter Rabbit novels that came together with the menu~ It’s too bad we couldn’t read Japanese- It would be good entertainment if there’s little ones tagging along!japan115A peek at the menu:japan116japan117Waiting time was decent considering the crowd~ Plus it gave us ample time to snap a lot of photos!

I ordered the beef steak and K the omurice~japan119japan120Taste was nothing to rave about, but not too bad either. I thought the mini Peter rabbit sponge cake was super cute, it’s a pity they don’t sell the baking mold!japantLook at all the tiny details~japan118japansK couldn’t resist modeling the doll…japan121Definitely a place I’ll love to bring Oliver if we return to Japan next time~ You can check out the website here.japan122Moving on to our next destination… Yes! There’s another reason we came specially to Jiyugaoka~ *hint* It’s gotta do with baking!

We kept getting sidetracked by the pretty sights…
japan123japan124K watches a healthy amount of anime and he was marveling how this pic below reminded him exactly of those in tv shows.japan125japanuEven the Cath Kidston shop looks different from the ones in Singapore~japan126And… Here we are!japan127Cuoca!japan128This shop is supposedly one of the must-visits for baking enthusiasts~japan129japan130Unfortunately, my non-existent Japanese skills made me fail to truly appreciate the otherwise exhilarating experience.

It’s pretty interesting though~ They have courses available~ japan131And also a chocolate cellar~ How cool is that?japan132japan133I didn’t spend as much as I thought I would~ Mostly cos I didn’t understand the language~

Found the teddy bear bread mold I was looking for though~ And also some purple sweet potato powder and sakura powder~ Pictured below~ The Rilakkuma and panda molds were purchased at Kiddyland~japan187And woohoo~ what’s upstairs? japan134

Click here to see!

See the rest of our Tokyo trip here.

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