Tokyo Travel Nov 2015 Day 4 [pt 3]- Jiyugaoka Sweets Forest, Kiddyland, Maisen Tonkatsu, Q-Pot cafe

Pink overload!

You’ll be greeted by two cafes when you go up the stairs of Cuoca- The Sylvanian families (entrance fee payable, photography weren’t allowed by visitors) and Jiyugaoka Sweets Forest! japan135japan136This is like a mini street of desserts. Inside the cafe, there are at least five dessert shops selling cakes, sweets and pastries of all kinds~japan137japan138I really adore these swiss rolls, but wasn’t in a mood for one~japan139It’s kinda dimly lit inside…japan140Even the restrooms entrance was extremely kawaii…japan141This was the one we ordered in the end! A strawberry shortcake macaron montblanc. Too sickeningly sweet for my liking. Will not recommend. It looks great for photography though.japan142

Jiyugaoka Sweets Forest is probably a good place to rest your aching feet and get some snacks, but not worth a trip solely on it’s own.

Back on the streets. There’s something very liberating about being able to roam the streets while others are working… Hahaha…
japan144japanvAnother scene that seems to be plucked right out of a Japanese film…japanwThis creepy ahjussi was secretly taking pictures of the lady in front of him and kaypoh K gleefully took a picture of both.japanxAfter Jiyugaoka, we headed back to Harajuku and visited Kiddyland.japan145Look at the sky… What time do you think it was?japan146japan147It’s actually only 4pm, but night falls early in November’s Tokyo.japan148japan149The signboard to a salon shop downstairs…japan150It was starting to drizzle by this time. We strolled around a bit.japan151Before settling here for dinner. japan152japan153Supposedly one of the best restaurants in Japan for Tonkatsu. But honestly? I think it’s just so-so la~ The fish katsu tasted better in my opinion. But it’s definitely very filling.

I saw two ladies ordering some tonkatsu set and the meat was like double the size of their face. This was about SG$20+ per person. The service was top-notch though.japan154After dinner, we went looking for Q-Pot cafe which was around the area.japan155Regrettted not taking my digital camera cos the pictures taken using my phone was rather lackluster due to poor lighting.japan156japan157Inside the cafe…japan158It’s deserted, but we were too full for more food and the chocolate cake I wanted to try wasn’t available. So we only snapped some pictures.japan159This was the Q-Pot store right opposite the cafe. I love, love the school bags! But apparently school bags in Japan are obscenely priced and this was like, SG$900? japan160At least we can take some photos for keepsakes. It’s not necessary to own everything I like. 🙂

Next post, I’ll be sharing where to get the very coverted Le Creuset in Japan at a discounted price! See here!


See the rest of our Tokyo trip here.

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