Tokyo Travel Nov 2015 Last Day- Fuji Gotemba premium outlet

The last time we visited Tokyo, we didn’t get to see Mount Fuji. This time, our friend suggested Fuji Gotemba premium outlet, where you can shop and have a nice view of the mountain at the same time. Sounds like a great plan!

We took a direct bus there. You can check out the full directions here at their official website. As we were buying round trip tickets, you have to decide when you want to return upon purchasing. We initially only wanted to stay for two hours, but the ticketing uncle encouraged us to take three hours.

japan162It’s about one and a half hours ride. I was concussed most of the way since it’s already the 5th day of our trip.

When we arrived, it’s raining. Again. japan163This was the main reason our friend suggested this place- Le Creuset!japan164

japan165I told her I’m interested in getting some and there’s some very good deals here. The Coastal blue set only costs ¥$32,000, which is about SG$400 for two casseroles.

japan166japan167I didn’t get any in the end as the colour that I liked (Chiffon pink) wasn’t available in the size I wanted. Blue is nice but it’s not exactly cheap. Only the set deals were worth it. japan168japan169New purple coloured ones…japan170The kettles were really cute but I prefer electric~ LOL~ japan171japan172So after the cookware swooning, we went for lunch. It’s pretty packed. Mostly with tourists. In our entire Japan trip, there’s only a few places that’s chocked full of tourists. One’s the Tsukiji fish market, this being the other. japan173japan174I remembered it was about SG$8 for this? Not exactly astounding but it’s filling, I guess.

After lunch, more shopping!japan175I love so many things from Snidel but only got one dress cos not really suitable for Singapore’s weather. Second favourite store would probably be a tie between Journal Standard and Lowrys Farm.

Whilst K was still stuck around the Adidas shop.

japan182japan176The skies cleared up a bit but Mount Fuji was still not visible due to the fog. Saw a very beautiful ferris wheel though.japan177japan178As the entire place is huge and spacious, we found ourselves shopping very comfortably. There’s around three main streets, housing brands like Agnes B, Alexander McQueen, Camper, Jill Stuart, Kate Spade etc, and we were grateful to the ticketing uncle for advising us to spend a longer time here.japan179When tired, there’s always some refreshments in sight.

I. Love. This. japan180You should really try the Godiva ice cream mini tub! I first tried the Chocolate flavour when we accidentally chanced upon a Godiva store in one of the shopping mall’s basement on I think, the third day? It’s so affordable, only about SG$4.50 per tub and I love it so much, I had to have it again at Gotemba.

This is hazelnut flavour. Both flavours are divine! Yum!japan181There’s also a Franc franc outlet where we got a Mickey Mouse plate for Oliver and a very sturdy umbrella.

Super cute Tsum Tsum but I don’t really adore them like I do Gudetama, haha. japanyA commemorative photo of us before taking the bus back.japanzOur last night was spent nearby the apartment, with my favourite engawa.

I still remember the taste in my mind even as I write this!
japan183A dessert to top it off. Rare times when we get to stay out late, just the two of us, at 10pm. Not having to worry about rushing home to take over O from the mother-in-law. 🙂japan184So, that’s it for our Tokyo trip!

This was our stash of Japanese sweets… Haha! The wasabi chips are nice, so are the brownies biscuit and Potato farm! Very addicting!japan185And all Gudetama lovers will probably squeal at this.japan186

Well, at least I did.


See the rest of our Tokyo trip here.

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