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Oliver’s 5! Birthday celebration at Pokemon Cafe

O is 5!

Few months ago, we saw this Jake & the Neverland pirates cake decor set at The Paper Stone and he liked it, so I bought it during a moving sale at around $5.

Baked a 3-tiered chocolate ship cake to go with it. It cracked a little but, well, still looked decent, I hope? :p



We took the cake to his school to celebrate and it’s kinda funny cos, at the end of the celebration, his classmates asked me, so where’s the presents? Thing is, the kids at pre-school are so used to receiving presents whenever someone’s having a birthday, they were expecting it. I laughed and said, the cake IS a present from us.

O served all his friends the cake, including the teachers and kitchen aunties, before we brought him home and proceeded to the next destination.

Guess where?


Gotta catch ’em all! Pokemon cafe!


I suggested going early to avoid the dinner crowd, so we were there about 5pm? But the cafe was already almost full.

We were greeted promptly by a waiter, who told us to choose our food items on the menu first so they will be ready to serve shortly. O isn’t a big fan of Pokemon, but he’s still excited at seeing Pikachu, lol~


We were seated almost immediately~


The sets we ordered comes with free Pokemon mugs. (Which I don’t care very much for. It’s ugly. But K likes it.)


The father and son were also excited over cosplaying. The mom was just snapping pictures.


We didn’t have to wait very long before our food arrived.


Rice omelette with magma sauce.


Beef patty and mashed potatoes covered in crepe.


Pokemon Sweet Pancake.

As with all theme cafes, I didn’t have high expectations for the food. And fortunately so, cos the magma sauce is… Funky. Like, all I can think of when I see that pink is: Wow, so much food colouring, lol~

I’ll probably be more appreciative if I actually like Pokemon. But I don’t. One thing I’ll like to point out though, is the warm service.

The waiters and waitresses were attentive, helpful, and despite the crowd, kept up a happy atmosphere. Which I was totally grateful for.

So if you are a fan, or just in it for the novelty, do go visit. It’s only available until end July. Do be ready for a crowd though. When we left, it was like this:


And O? He loved everything.

4 thoughts on “Oliver’s 5! Birthday celebration at Pokemon Cafe

  1. I don’t care much about the taste of the food when I visit themed cafes..
    I’m more interested in the food presentation.. Pokemon cafe, pass! Hahaha.. Shall bring my boys one day! Hope I can keep their hands off the food long enough for me to take photo.. :p


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