Travel Taipei 2016 (Part 2): Craftholic Cafe, Miss V Bakery

I’ve covered Songshan Creative Park in my last trip here.

Eslite is still my favourite place to shop~ 🙂


We also had our lunch at this random Japanese restaurant that serves pretty decent food!


I went for Exo’s concert in the evening whilst K visited Ximending, hahaha~~~ It’s my first moshpit experience but as expected from Taiwan’s fandom culture, it was a pleasant one. 🙂


I didn’t feel as tired as I thought I would the next day.

This is the wall display at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall station, where we headed for brunch.


I found this 三川食事屋 Japanese restaurant while searching for places to go online.

Interestingly, the waitress asked whether we’ll like to “打卡 (hit the card)” for a promo free dish. We had no idea what she meant and after some explaining, we realized it’s just liking their Facebook page, lol~


I came here for the engawa, but honestly, the ones at Addiction Aquatic Development is better, in my opinion.



This is a nice surprise though, it’s called sweet fish? And the person didn’t really know how to explain what fish it was but I liked it.


After brunch, we headed to Craftholic cafe for dessert~

It has been drizzling so the picture’s a bit fuzzy.


We had to come by later as the place’s already full. Do note they fill up pretty fast so you will need to make a reservation.

Since it’s nearby,  we decided to visit Gudetama cafe as well~



This was actually my first choice but the cafe was already fully booked a month before. You have to make an online reservation here.

As there’s till two hours to spare, we skipped to the next destination on our itinerary- Chifeng Street.


It’s a small area comprising of local wares shops and cafes.



It was drizzling, so we slipped into Miss V’s bakery for a respite.



We had only wanted to rest and probably have some drinks…


But this changed our minds.


Despite a pending reservation at Craftholic, the desserts here looks too good to pass up~ I mean…


Hullo, this is too gorgeous for a dessert lover like me, okay?


The matcha cake was really good~ Very strong and solid matcha taste. Comparatively, the pumpkin cake pales by a little. But hey, it makes for a good instagram pic eh?


Anddd… It’s very filling.

So we were regretting it a little when we returned to Craftholic cos our stomachs were already full.



Since we’re already here though, might as well make the best of it!



There’s something about pastels and kawaii that just gets to me.


I wanted to get the keychains but it’s too expensive. Around $25 for one? If my memory serves me right.


This was the only thing we could stomach after our little distraction at Chifeng Street.


There’s a minimum order of one beverage per person so K got this mixed berries drink… You can bring the tiny Craftholic figurine back!


I ordered a cocoa au lait~



It’s rather chilly with the rain the few days we were there.

We managed to reserve a hot spring session at Grand View Resort Beitou, kinda steep at NTD$2300, which is over SG$100 an hr for a private room.

It’s located inside a hotel and the service is pretty good. Free amenities and some yoghurt? dessert was served.


The place was clean and comfortable. And cos our phones were running low in power, we requested for chargers, to which they obliged immediately.

I’ll probably try to go back to Wulai in the future if there’s time.


We didn’t try and cover a lot of places cos this was meant to be a rest and relax trip. And most importantly, just spending time with each other 🙂


Taipei Travel 2016 Part 1

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