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Rilakkuma handmade beef burger

This is another superrr easy handmade burger recipe.

Just dress it up and it’d look like it’s worth a hefty price at a theme cafe!


The bun is from my wholewheat hamburger recipe here. Mix 250g minced beef with half tablespoon of finely chopped onions, half an egg, some salt and pepper. Form two big patties and two small ones (I just eye balled it), coating it thinly with some cornflour. You may want to refrigerate the patty for an hour before pan-frying so it doesn’t crumble so easily. Though I skipped that part and it turned out fine. Just be careful when flipping the patty over.



Add some large tomato slices, lettuce… And here’s the fun part! I have a rilakkuma bento mold so I simply used it to form the eyes and nose. But if you don’t have that, a small scissors and knife will work as well! Using nori (roasted seaweed), cut out the eyes and nose. A slice of cheddar cheese for the ears and snout.


My son loves lots and lots of tomato sauce with this burger. (Note: This is very filling for the little one!) Enjoy!

And if you tried making this burger, do send me a photo as well! ^^

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