US Trip December 2016- LA Day 3: Disneyland Park Anaheim

Disneyland. Also known as the “Happiest place on Earth”.

But it’s nothing like that for us on the first day.

It started off well enough. We drove and parked the car before hopping on a shuttle bus to take us in.

The bus was comfortably filled and off we go!

Just looking at these pictures alone makes you excited isn’t it?

So were we!

There’s even a live band…

We took a picture of Minnie, but not with Minnie.

We had queued up for a photo with Pluto cos O thinks it’s cute and by the time we finished, Minnie had knocked off work.

Well, at least the son is happy~

We were there during Christmas season, thus the numerous Christmas trees.

We split into two parties- K’s brother with his mom, wife and toddler, K and I with Oliver. We headed for Tomorrowland.

And queued…

For ONE hour.

The ride was fun but… Somewhere in the midst of waiting, O was already getting tired. Some kids were being violent and annoying.

We were queuing for the 2nd ride when it started pouring and I only had one raincoat with me. I rushed into the nearest shop to get us two extra raincoats (US$10 each) while K went on the ride with O sharing the one I brought.

After that, K wanted to find the rest of the family to move together, which I was against cos his brother’s child was too young and O would be better off playing separately, plus the rain was getting heavier. By his insistence, we went anyway. It was pouring by then and we were walking towards Fantasyland when we stepped right into a flooded pathway cos the ground was uneven (see lah, see lah, don’t listen to your wife).

We found the others at a resting area, huddled at a table. Trembling in our wet socks and shoes, we tried to dry off O as much as we could and waited for another hour plus before the rain let up.

I was cold, tired, miserable and ready to go home.

But we couldn’t go anywhere without our ride and O wanted to continue playing.

We lined up some 25 mins for a Dumbo ride~

The Peterpan ride broke down 15 mins into the queue so we had to adjourn.

Alice in Wonderland attraction was under renovation…

The ride wasn’t operating (I think due to the rain)…

My spirits were dampened, quite literally.

We went for Finding Nemo’s submarine voyage and I got a hot churros to warm and cheer myself up. It’s super expensive, I think SG$8.50 or something if I remember correctly but it’s comforting to hold on to and ingest.

The ride is simple, you sit in the submarine and there’s a video projection of Nemo and friends outside the windows, leading you through a short recap of the story and some fake rubber plants and animals as the ship moves and jerks at appropriate times.

Sky turned dark.

Anna, it’s cold.

It drizzled on and off.

We caught the Mickey show.

And yes, the day finally ended, hallelujah.

Dinner was at Anaheim packing district.

I love this place, there’s so much delicious looking food.

The pizza is delicious~

I don’t remember the name of this but it’s flavourful and tasty as well~

We were too late for desserts as shops were already closing.

As the song goes, “let it go, let it go~” Tomorrow will be (and was) a better day. Click here to go!

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