US Trip December 2016- San Diego: Souplantation, La Jolla Beach

We had booked our bus tickets from LA’s Union Station to San Diego online but were late for 15 mins (lesson learnt: always give at least an hour’s allowance if you are travelling in a big group). The bus still hadn’t left but we were “penalised” for our tardiness and charged an extra $20 admin fee. Sigh.

We reached San Diego in about 2 hours.

The minute I saw my Aunt and Uncle, I was so happy all troubles were forgotten! They drove us back to their apartment to set aside our luggage. Such a pretty kitchen!

Our lunch place!

I love this place cos it’s a “farm-to-table” concept, alot of organic fresh vegetables buffet style. There’s also pasta, pizza, muffins, free flow drinks and ice-cream!

I learnt from my Aunt that the raw food diet is picking up here- See those broccoli and mushrooms? They aren’t cooked! But it’s strangely delectable. I would totally support such a practice if it were to come to Singapore.

After lunch, they drove us to La Jolla beach~

Do you see that? It’s…

Sea lions!

They are wild so my Aunt cautioned me not to get too close (not that I dare to anyway).

This is such a scenic place… Click the video below to watch!

My aunt and I strolled along the coast, sharing memories and new happenings while O played with great uncle with hubs and MIL watching 🙂

It’s been so long since I’ve last seen my Aunt. To be honest, seeing her brings back memories of my late mother. We spent the whole afternoon just relaxing there, until the sun set and headed to a local Sichuan restaurant for dinner.

Fortune cookie! I don’t remember what my note said, lol~

The next morning, my Aunt cooked us an early Christmas brunch~ Look at that HUGE turkey!

First Christmas under a real Christmas tree! Being with my aunt makes me feel like a kid all over again. ^^

It’s too bad our time shared together were cut short due to the last minute changes, but I treasured every single moment.

We headed back to LA on bus~

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