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A very Happy Gudetama Birthday to Me!

My birthday’s not in Dec, this is a very belated post, LOL~ But anywayz!

I celebrated my 36th birthday two months later this year because I came down with a very bad illness called mycoplasma in May. It’s my worst case of sickness yet- I fainted in the toilet, couldn’t eat, couldn’t move, nursing a fever 38℃ on and off. A very timely reminder that health is still the most important regardless your age!

When I finally recovered (thank God), I visited one of my favourite characters’ cafe in Singapore- Gudetama!

Gudetama is my spirit animal~

Those who knows me would know I can’t live without dessert. Finally ah!!!

I love the citrus pan by the way, even better than the chocolate cake imho.

We ordered the seasonal special…

The fries were actually pretty good.


As with all character themed cafes, there’s nothing much to rave about the food. This one is passable, but the price really deters me from coming back. But aiyo! Look! So cute!

I also took the time to bake some Gudetama Mandarin Swiss rolls!

♪ Gude-gudetama~ Gude-gudetama~ ♫

I tweaked the recipe from MosoGourmet here. Do check out her videos! It’s so calming~ ASMR-like baking vids~ I drew the Gudetama face on the parchment paper instead of a bear face~

This recipe’s successful rate is very high, you can try it!

Here’s to a healthy 2018, everyone!  🍻


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