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Japanese Taiyaki & Odango Edible DIY Playset

I’ve seen these around and wanted to try it with O for the longest time~ It’s a DIY candy making kit that’s totally edible!

K’s friend bought a Taiyaki & Odango version from Japan which only costs $3+ and we tried making it on Saturday afternoon. Note: K & I don’t understand Japanese, we followed the pictures on the back of the box, guessing which goes where. And it’s so easy it turned out perfectly!

Watch how it’s done!

I was quite surprised cos the taiyaki actually tasted quite nice, like sponge cake with chocolate? We didn’t allow O to finish it all, concerned of the preservatives inside, but it was super fun to make and eat!

K had wanted to get the hamburger version, but his friend couldn’t find it in Japan. Ironically, we later found out it’s available in Singapore at Sakuraya Fishmart for $5!

Anyway, have fun making this with your kiddo!



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