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Prudential Marina Bay Carnival- Our 5 most recommended rides & game!

There’s a carnival in town! If you are not a fan of crowds, this is the best time to go!

Admission is FREE but you need to buy a card with credits to play the rides & games. $1= 1 credit.

Oliver was super excited & we started off with something really mild~ Race O Rama- Which was basically cars that go round & round with a somewhat sharp bend.

Do note most of the rides here require kids > 1.2m. Some of them, like this one, allows entrance as long as there’s an accompanying adult. Which means $6 x 2= $12. Yeap, not cheap.

So if you are on a budget, and STILL want to enjoy the carnival, these are my recommendations:

  1. The Star Flyer

10 credits per ride. Kids below 1.3m can’t go on this one, thus hubs & I went on the ride ourselves. Super dizzying, but fun! You’re like, multiple storeys up high but the ride isn’t fast enough for faint-hearted people like us. So where was the kid when we were enjoying this?

2. Surf Shack Bouncy castle

Supposedly 4 credits for 8 mins, but cos there’s no crowd, the friendly staff let the children play on slightly longer. O was here for about 15 mins. We had enough time to go on the Star Flyer, come back, take pictures & linger, lol~

3. Mach 5

If you have the guts, this would be THE ride you have to go on! The screams emitting from here was strangely amusing lol~ 14 credits per ride.

4. The Pick a Bag or Bingo games booth

If you have shitty aim or just really bad at games like us, yet wanna win a souvenir back, these two stalls are what you should be trying for. One is using a rod with hook to fish any bag, there’s toys inside & if you get a silver, there’s additional prizes. This should be a sure-win.

For those with decent luck, the other one, pictured below, is a Bingo game. You are given a bag with odd & even numbered tickets to draw from. Just one odd ticket garners a small prize. More odd tickets, a medium prize. Get more, to win a large soft toy! The Pick a bag is 5 credits per game & for Bingo, you can choose from 5 credits for 5 tickets or 8 credits for 10.

5. Boat paddling

I love this one mainly cos it exhausts the kid’s energy level & it’s independent play. Only $6 if I remember correctly, for 5 mins of hardcore rowing.

These 5 should be enough for a reasonably fun time at around $65 for a small family of 3.

Of course if you have deeper pockets to dig into, by all means, go wild with it~ I’m classifying the following as “throw your money away” games, lol~

These are not for the lousy aims people…

We didn’t play this one but it sure looks like another “roll your money away” type of game, lol~

O really loves this one, it’s some shooting game he finds really cool but yeap, not for the “no eyes-to-hand coordination” people. He doesn’t seem to mind the 15 secs of novelty though.

If your child loves slides…

And if they love rides…

Another favourite of O’s at this carnival- Good ole’ bumping cars!

For the movie characters lovers…

Don’t fret if you have no more moolah left to spare, there’s loads of free photo taking opportunities!

Pose with the pirates…

Dress up and play pretend as a prince or princess… Not that I recommend though, cos you would have missed out on this one like we did.

Ready your ponchos & slippers, cos you will. get. wet. LOL~

These are not exhaustive, the carnival is HUGE & there’s two sections for you to explore, some 10 mins walk apart.

O had loads of fun! As you can probably tell… lol~

Special mention to this sweet bespectacled staff at the pool cos she had to go in & out of the pool umpteen times, carrying the children despite her tiny frame, but she showed no signs of tiredness nor annoyance. Very nice & friendly as well. 🙂

How about the food? You might ask.

What food, there’s barely any stalls opened & we had to get this purely cos the boy was getting hungry.

Cheese drenched fries for $5.90. It’s great tasting though.

Save your money & eat elsewhere.

But since we seemed to be in a state of bliss after the carnival, we treated ourselves to a meal at the Super Heroes cafe in MBS.

Not expecting any less than exorbitant prices for mediocre food at such themed cafes. But ey, the hubs had been wanting to bring O to this cafe for years.

The carnival is until 1 April 2018. It’s prettier during the night, but do try and go earlier when there’s less people!

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