Bangkok Travel Aug 2017 (Pt 1)- Talad Rot Fai Ratchada night market & Chatuchat

This is a very backdated post lol~

Last August, we headed to Bangkok for a getaway- Just the two of us. We were supposed to go in late May, but I came down with a very bad illness and the trip was postponed.

Never go to Bangkok in August. It’s HOT. :p

We stayed at Amaranta Hotel, booked via Expedia cos I’ll enjoy cashbacks on Shopback. The hotel is very… Erm, gold. LOL~ 

I chose this hotel cos of this fancy bathtub. Heh. And yeap, the doors are transparent. 😀

The place is clean & bed fairly comfortable. It’s a 6-7 mins walk to the nearest train station, but you can wait for the hotel’s tut tut or van to take you there if you are lazy. 🙂

On the way to our first destination of the night, we passed by this locker outside the station- Pretty useful for tourists.

Talad Rot Fai Ratchada Night market!

Drooling already right? This was our first meal- Crab in the bag! (<SG$20)

Kinda regretted we ate this first though, cos afterwards we had a tummy upset from the chilli~ Our body’s tolerance to spicy stuff has greatly lowered ever since the arrival of our child, hahaha~

Lots of bars, but we don’t drink, so…

This would be more our “cup of tea”. Haha~

Despite our attempts at cooling ourselves down, it’s still very hot.

The feeling akin to when you just finished baking and opened the oven… Wa. Like trapped in a bubble of heat. We pushed on anyway.

K was adventurous enough to try some insects.

He said it tasted very plain, haha. I didn’t try it cos, God knows where they got those insects from *shivers*. I’m also kinda amused to see them selling raw sushi out in the open (it’s around 35℃). Thais’ stomachs must be made of iron steel, lol~

Alot of clothing but I didn’t get any cos I think I’m starting to lose my shopping mojo from younger days, lol~

Nearest MRT to this night market is Thailand Cultural Center (Exit 3), it opens ’til late! ^^

The next morning, we had the pool all to ourselves cos there’s no other guests. 😀

Very peaceful & calming~ ^^

After the morning dip, we took a cab to Chatuchat weekend market.

I had wanted to get one of these for a friend but at the end of the afternoon, we got lost in the market & I couldn’t find my way back to this shop, lol~ Chatuchat is still a big, confusing maze!

Had to stop for a respite in this tiny shop for ice-cream to escape the heat! Cheap & delicious- This was about SG$4+?

Super cute & super cheap outfits for little ones…

I went a little mad in this shop cos I’m into wooden utensils recently~ Got some bowls & cultery, and it’s rather affordable!

Giant prawns…

We ordered a whole tilapia fish for lunch (It costs around SG$20). Obviously size matters here, haha~

It’s actually rather nice!

After filling our stomachs, we wandered around and came across the pets section… Porcupines!

The alley is so narrow when there’s more people walking, you are squeezed close to the cages, and if one of these animals happened to stick out their tongues (we passed snakes), they might just get to “lick” you, lol~

More clothing…

Very instagram-worthy drink! There’s different hand-drawn packaging you can choose from and also other flavours, all in nuances of beautiful shades!

Next post, I’m gonna share my latest favourite cafe in Bangkok! Stay tuned! ^^

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