Bangkok Travel Aug 2017 (Pt 2)- C.O.D.E (Cafe of Dessert Enthusiasts) & Omu Cafe

After shopping at Chatuchat, we took a cab to a shopping mall called The Jas Ramintra, located at Lat Pla Khao road, for this:

C.O.D.E (Cafe of Dessert Enthusiasts)!

I later found out there’s also a branch at Terminal 21, but I must say the atmosphere here was much better. We spent about an hour or so just chatting & chilling here.

An array of biscuits & cake selections…

I wanted to try everything but we weren’t here for cakes~

The interior is really pretty.

We didn’t have to wait long before our order arrived!

This was a seasonal item, if I remember correctly- Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake (145 thb). I’m not even a fan of milkshake, but this one tasted DELICIOUS! (Or it could be the aftermath of Chatuchat shopping so I find everything tasty, lol)

And the main lead of the afternoon… Thai Tea Lava Toast (185 thb)!

This was worth every penny, cos the charcoal bread was toasted just right- Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. And LOOK AT THAT WARM LAVA oozing out.

Paired with the ice-cream, this was everything I’ve ever wanted, sobs. If I have to be honest, I think it tasted better than the one we had at After You cafe.

We were tired thus dinner was at the restaurant right across our hotel (there’s discount from the stay). Not really memorable so we didn’t take any pics, lol~ We also had a complimentary drink for the rooftop bar at our hotel.

Rare time where we could just talk into the night without worrying about the kid & bask in each other’s company. 🙂 

The next day, we moved to our next accommodation, in the vicinity of Ekkamai. Stopped by the convenience store & I thought it was rather clever to have all these sample sized packs to buy.

Our Airbnb place!

There’s even a small kitchen for you to do simple cooking! I was quite embarrassed though cos I accidentally spoilt their kettle lol~ It was a very silly blunder but luckily the owner was nice & only charged me $22 for replacing the kettle.

It’s quite a walk from the nearest train station though, about 10 mins?

But we didn’t take the train cos our brunch destination was more reachable by walking- It’s about 20 mins walk & I think I almost died from the heat.

And we made it to Omu Japanese Omurice cafe!

Whoever invented air-con deserves a place in heaven.

This was less than SG$10 & for the lava egg, you have to add an additional $1 or so.

Cutting it open…

This is really a post about oozing lava, lol~

The taste was decent, really affordable too. If you’re into Japanese food, next post, I’ll be sharing another place where you can taste a little bit of Japan, right in the hea(r)t of Bangkok! ^^

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