Bangkok Travel Aug 2017 (Pt 3)- Peace Oriental Teahouse, Greyhound & After You cafe

After lunch at Omu, we went cafe-hopping cos apparently there’s a lot of them in Ekkamai. This is Ink & Lion…

I love how the cakes are so tiny! Really cute & guilt-free indulgence 🙂

We didn’t eat there though, but headed towards Peace Oriental Teahouse (it’s relocated since after our  last visit), where they serve green tea!

Before going in, you’ve got to leave your shoes at the door. I understand the concept but honestly, to me, it’s a bit erm, unhygienic? Cos many people there weren’t wearing socks (including ourselves). Anyhoo, we placed our orders & settled ourselves at the 2nd floor.

It’s like we’d walked into Muji or something, lol~ After several minutes…

Our cold (without milk) & hot matcha pastel (with milk)… It’s better with milk, honestly.

There’s no spoon, so you stir the milk like that…

I like the atmosphere, but felt kinda exposed with the lack of dividers.

We chatted there for about half an hour before retreating to our Airbnb. This was the mall nearest to where we were staying.

Too full for the sweets though. I got a set of new Wacoal lingerie as they’re having a sale.

In the evening, we visited Siam Discovery!

I love looking at all the pretty designs…

This is definitely some Instagrammable worthy dessert right there! LOL~ Huge!

A tut-tut selling fancy looking ice-cream pops~

Here’s our dinner place- Greyhound cafe!

This was delicious! Mine’s fried rice & K ordered soba noodles. We also got a Thai milk tea to go with it~ 

After finishing, we strolled to Siam Paragon. There’s a bazaar outside!

A few booths selling locally handmade items.

I bought the tiny teddy spoon!

We moved on to Siam Paragon.

It’s a more high-scale shopping mall but there’s quite a range of desserts at the basement.

Rainbow dragonfloss candy you can buy home and wrap with crepe or simply as dessert decoration! So tempted to buy one but I worry about the food colourings, lol~ Bought these steamed buns for breakfast…And here’s our destination! There’s a longgg queue… We had to take a number & wait for about 40 mins before there’s a table. Fortunately, there’s a huge supermarket next to it where we shopped for some items to bring back to Singapore.The ever so famous Shibuya toast.

Verdict? I liked the one at C.O.D.E. better, lol~

Next post, let’s go to a special market!

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