Bangkok Travel Aug 2017 (Pt 6)- Perhaps Rabbits’ cafe and (Un)fashioned cafe

We started the day off with brunch at Big C Supercenter, a Japanese restaurant recommended by K’s friend. It was decent, but a bit pricey.

Just a few streets away was our destination of the day:

Perhaps Rabbits!

It’s a cafe with an Alice in Wonderland theme, totally instagram-worthy!

Look at all the kawaii desserts!

Super adorable interior~

We placed our orders and sat down.

There’s a little opening to the back…

Rabbit’s hole!

Definitely a place to go wild with your selfies, lol~

We ordered the Rabbit Hole chocolate mud cake, look at the tiny bunny’s butt sticking out, kekeke~~~

Look at the warm caramel oozing… Wooh~

The taste was actually better than I thought?

You can click on the video for a walk-through:

Perhaps Rabbits' address:

5/1 Ekkamai 10 Alley, Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, 
Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand

Just a short walk away, there’s a vintage looking Un-fashioned cafe, also worth a visit!

Too bad we’re already full from the dessert at Perhaps Rabbits’, this place looks cosy and quiet with only four tables.

The selection of cakes and pies…

A pretty nail salon just next to it.

With quite some time to spare, we visited the Platinum Mall. More for the aircon rather than anything, lol~

Moshi moshi is like our Japan Home, price-wise. The lunchbox I got from here snapped after less than a year of using it, so I think you have an idea of the quality? Hahaha~

If only I don’t look like a mad woman wearing these outfits I’ll totally get them.

My shopping haul from the 6 days! Finally I can ditch my flaking shoes, yeah~

And that’s it for my Bangkok trip! I hope it’s given you some inspiration for your own? Heh~

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