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Belated birthday with My Melody and Polkaros!

Dining at My Melody cafe was an impromptu decision cos we just so happened to be at Suntec City and there’s no crowd~ Weird since it’s newly opened and all the theme restaurants I’ve ever visited were usually swamped at opening.

Since I was sick during my birthday, this became my belated birthday celebration. 🙂

The staff were very… Lukewarm. After we sat down, no one bothered to tell us we had to order via the ipad hidden underneath the table.

The mains didn’t really appeal to me- It’s either pancakes/waffles, tacos or rice. We chose rice.

Many items were already sold out and I think that partly contributes to the lack of crowd.

Whilst waiting, I took a photo with the sweetie My Melody!

Quite funny cos many kids accidentally knocked her down whilst leaning on her for pics.

The food arrived not long after~ This is My Melody’s Strawberry Surprise ($16.90)! It would have been better if it’s served together with some maple syrup cos we found it a tad dry.

Merry Go Round Donut (Husband complained the drink was bland. I think it’s okay la, since the donut’s quite sweet already).

Princess Bunny- The only decent dish of our meal, lol~ But the standard’s somewhat reminiscent of what we had at Kumoya which, in my honest opinion, was nothing to rave about. 

I might try the other desserts the next time. 🙂

After lunch, we got some new clothes for the kiddo (he’s outgrown most of his pants) and also visited the Playfair at Suntec Tower 4.

For this cutie!

The Polkaros Fox 2-way bag (SG$89)! I chanced upon it a few months ago and it was love at first sight. So K got this for me as a birthday gift!

It’s a brand from Japan and you can find alot more adorable items here.

Hopefully next year I’ll get to celebrate my birthday on the actual day! Haha! 😀

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