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Osaka Travel with Kid! Mar 2018- Day 2: Universal Studios Osaka Part 2

Can you believe this is actually a restaurant?

Passing by Amityville…

*Jaws music*

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

It’s exactly like the one in US~

The castle!

The only difference is the moat around the castle~

I really think the moat adds a whimsical feel to the otherwise familiar setting.

Had to have- Butterbeer!

Unfortunately, the queue for the Harry Potter ride was 2+ hours, so we decided to forgo and head for the next ride instead~

The sweets are slightly different compared to US~

Switch on the sound!

Spiderman Bun!

I knew Oliver would love this when I was researching for the food in USJ and I was right! It’s his favourite bun (even though it’s some vegetables filling and totally unsavory, expensive to boot, about SG$6 per bun).

Strolling pass the screaming overhead…

Too bad we’re pretty full else would have tried the Conan crepes…

The Japanese buys a bucket of this popcorn (not cheap, it’s about SG$45) for their children to carry around and munch on~ Considering the prices in the park, it might actually work out to be more economical if you don’t buy other snacks, plus you get to take the Minion bucket home!

The sun is very friendly, lol~ My photos are all over-exposed~

Back to the Minion Park!

Not a Minion fan but everything is so cute!

Here’s the queue for the Minions ride! Had to wait for more than an hour~

The park is super crowded at this time so all the rides have long queues~ Fortunately Oliver didn’t really complain…

While waiting, this video was playing, there’s actually several versions and pretty entertaining, lol~ I only recorded one version:

The Minion ride was the exact same as the one in US, just that it’s in Japanese, lol~

Next stop- Universal Wonderland! If we were to do it again, I’ll personally start off the day from there for children who are younger like Oliver, cos there’s gentler rides suitable for them~

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