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Osaka Travel with Kid! Mar 2018- Day 2: Universal Studios Osaka Part 3

This part of the park was the last leg of our Universal Studios Osaka visit. 

You can’t see it from here but the Snoopy mascots are having a meet-and-greet, I’m blocked by all the arms and cameras, lol~

For the Hello Kitty fans~

We rode the cupcake dream!

Everything is kawaii!

Car rides! This section is for kids younger than 6, older kids need to walk further down…

While heading towards the car ride, we came across Moppy’s Balloon Trip, so we went for it as well!

After the ride, we met the Sesame characters! Cos Oliver only wanted to take pictures with Elmo, Cookie Monster got “jealous” and waylaid him, lolll~~~

We then proceeded to Sesame’s Big Drive, which is just behind Moppy’s Balloon. But shortly after the car drive started, Oliver had a meltdown. For some reason, all the cars were suddenly stopped by the central system. Oliver, not knowing what’s going on, stepped on the accelerator and as it’s stuck due to the central control, he got frustrated and climbed out of the car in the middle of the circuit, running to us in tears.

The staff quickly moved into action but Oliver was uncontrollable (mostly cos he’s already tired from the day) and wouldn’t go back to the track despite us explaining what’s going on. The staff gave him some stickers, appearing apologetic.

This Elmo bun was eaten in tears, lol~

Moral of the story? If you have a very sensitive kid like mine, you might want to go for USJ’s 2 days pass, spread out everything so it minimizes breakdowns like these. However, I would rather put up with some tears than spend such money~ LOL~ Since kids are easily distractible anyway~

It was Easter when we visited.

Times when I wish I have a better camera cos iPhone’s performance in low-light conditions is really… Hmm.

The Sailor Moon compact cake (¥800) ! I’ve been eyeing it since I saw it in the news~ Surprisingly, it’s pretty good?

Our dinner for the night~ Monster Hunter Felyn Pawprint Omelette Rice (¥880)!

And then it’s time to go home…

It’s so crowded~ All the dining places have long queues so we just bought some bentos from the convenience store to eat in the hotel~

Walked around the shops whilst waiting for K to buy the food (there’s a long queue in the convenience store too)~

Sugar cubes! So adorable~

I’m a feline lover as you can see~

The suitcase is uber pretty…

I’m pretty sure if you’re into anime, you can name this? LOL~ Or at least heard of Tokyo Ghoul?

Next day, we’re heading into the shopping area of Osaka!

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