Osaka Travel with Kid! Mar 2018- Day 3: Eggs ‘n Things, Dotonbori

The next morning, we had breakfast at Eggs ‘n Things, which was just downstairs near our hotel.

They gave O some colouring materials…

I went around snapping photos~

Our eggs benedict and pancakes!

It’s pretty decent, the pancakes are nice, my only grouse is that the strawberries are most probably frozen ones. I love the idyllic settings though.

We checked out of the hotel and headed for our airbnb apartment at Shinsaibashi, it’s nearest station being Nagahoribashi. The apartment is separated into the sleeping quarters…

And kitchen area.

At the side there’s a very tiny bathroom…

And toilet.

Nobu‘s house is very clean and rather spacious (in Japan’s standard) and costs SG$196 for two nights.

It’s of walking distance to Dotonbori, the shopping and entertainment district of Osaka. We did some laundry before going there for lunch~

The famous Chibo! It’s famed for it’s okonomiyaki (japanese pancake) and in our apartment’s owner recommended list of must-eats.

As there’s a queue, I strolled around the vicinity. There’s a drugstore nearby and it’s filled with tourists. I was looking for some sunblock and got distracted by this kawaii lipbalm~

There’s a NOV display area with testers and after trying them out, I bought the sunblock. Best product I’ve used in a while! It’s very light and breathable on the skin, unscented and doesn’t feel sticky at all. Most importantly, it’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t irritate my skin.

So many stalls selling takoyaki & kobe beef~

It’s quite a long shopping street~

More stalls…

After about 40 mins, it’s finally our turn!

We were seated right in front of the cooking area~

The making of…

Voila! Our pretty okonomiyaki!

To be honest, I think the taste isn’t that mindblowing, you can probably get the same thing in Singapore. It’s about SG$15 for one.

Free toy for the kiddo!

Snacking after lunch…

Takoyaki! Like the okonomiyaki, you can get the exact same thing in Singapore, kekeke…

Next, Bic Camera! It’s a huge consumer electronics chain in Japan…

So pretty! But I don’t have a use for toasters since I’ve got a perfectly decent oven at home.

And don’t be a dumbo like me! I bought a Panasonic mini hair-dryer cos it’s so cheap at SG$24, but turns out that the voltage was different from Singapore’s lol~

Continuing the stroll…

One of the mascots in Osaka, Kuidaore Taro the clown. This area is great for shopping gifts and souvenirs as well. We got some Osaka themed snacks and I bought a gudetama pen and biscuits~

The sculptures hanging above the signboards are so eye-catching, haha~ We have a huge sushi…

Puffer fish and octopus…

Times when I lament for not knowing Japanese… Look at the array of books!

They even gift free bags along with the magazines, was so tempted to get this! It’s only SG$18.90 but cos I’m unsure of the quality so I didn’t buy it in the end.

In the next post, we’ll be looking for the most iconic symbol in Dotobori! Can you guess what it is? Go>>

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