Osaka Travel with Kid! Mar 2018- Day 3 & 4: Pablo, Shinsaibashi shopping street, Kuromon Ichiba market

We finally found the icon of Dotonbori- The Glico Running Man! 

It’s getting dark…

And we’re getting tired so we stopped at Pablo for refreshments~

The seating area is upstairs…

We ordered the strawberry cheese tart & pistachio ice-cream from the seasonal menu, plus a matcha milkshake.

If you’re ever here, you MUST try the freshly baked cheese tart! Every mouthful is a piece of heaven and it goes so well with the ice-cream. The milkshake is awesome too~

We rested for about an hour before moving on…

To Shinsaibashi shopping street! (It’s of walking distance too~)

This is a Disney store…

Some kind of lifestyle goods store…


Look at the Alice in Wonderland chopsticks!! So tempted to get it but I just bought some new chopsticks and not planning to change them anytime soon. (Plus these looked like they will mold under humid conditions if not used for a long time so I didn’t get them)

Sanrio shop~

I also spent some S$40 in a Tutuanna shop, stocking up on my socks, innerwear etc~

We headed home after buying some take-out bentos from Shinsaibashi Daimaru.

Next morning around 9am, we took the train to Kuromon Ichiba market, one stop away from our apartment.

Hullo, fish.

The strawberries looked so unreal, like they are perfect in sizes and colours gosh~

It’s quite a huge market by the way~

Redbean pancakes! It’s sweet and chewy~

Fat and juicy sashimi…


So tempted to try everything but our pockets are not that deep so we’ve got to be careful with our choices…

We tried the scallop at ¥500 (≈SG$6)!

A bit burnt but at least it’s pretty fresh~

Further down…

More food…

And fresh produce! I bought this cos it looks so adorable! It’s about ¥250 if I remember correctly. Since we were living in an apartment, we can cook and supplement our meals with more vegetables. Cos if you noticed, it’s rather difficult to keep up with your greens intake when eating out.

We also got this for O! His favourite is tamago! With grilled eel on top~ The taste is so-so.

The amount of food here is staggering~

Such pretty flowers! It’s too bad I couldn’t bring them back to Singapore~

Maguroya Kurogin! It’s supposedly the first shop in Kansai region offering rare maguro from Oma and highly recommended by online sites.

There’s 3 types of maguro and being the cheapo I am, I went for the lowest range at ¥2000.

Maybe cos I’m not really a fan of tuna, so although it’s fat and delicious (not quite melt-in-your-mouth, but very fresh and tender), I couldn’t really justify the price for it.

The Kuromon information center is not far away from here and upstairs, you can find the public restrooms. 🙂

Not quite filled yet, we retraced our steps to a shop and sat down for the snow crabs~

This is really fresh~ Though very pricey as well. It’s not seasoned or anything so you only taste the subtle sweetness of the crab. I have mixed feelings about it cos I’m used to very fleshy crabs in Singapore.

Would love to get one of these back to cook but we’re heading somewhere else so… Bye fishes…

We moved to another shop and sat down for these and some warabimochi (not pictured here). One thing I noticed about the sushi is that all the fishes are sliced very generously in size.

Look at the pretty strawberries! They are everywhere~

We bought these to take home with us. The colour is white but it tasted exactly like the red ones, lol~

After breakfast, we took the train to our next destination- A place where kids can spend a whole day there whilst parents can relac one corner~ Sounds good? Go >>>

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