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Osaka Travel with Kid! Mar 2018- Day 4: Osaka Kids Plaza

Osaka is an interactive kids museum, somewhat like a mix of our Science centre and Kidzania?

All accompanying adults have to pay to enter. It’s ¥1400 per adult, but with the Osaka Amazing Pass, we bought it at a discounted price of ¥1260. Oliver is above 3 years old so he doesn’t qualify for the pre-schoolers’ rate, but he also enjoyed a half price discount at ¥720.

Entering the premise…

We took a lift to the museum.

There’s so many school children! Many pre-schools brought their students here so it’s brimming with people even on a Thursday.

It’s really a fun and amazing place where children can explore and learn through the various exhibitions and activities~

Making bubbles!

Encased in a huge bubble!

Click on the vid below to watch it in action!

Still on the same floor…

The multi-cultural plaza~

You can put on the costumes provided and indulge in some traditional Japanese drums ceremony~

Or hanboks for Korea~


Call your friend who’s overseas? LOL~

Building blocks for pyramids making… At this point, I actually started enjoying myself cos although there’s many people, it’s not crowded? Even the adults could play with some of the exhibits and I found it rather therapeutic lol~

You can go down the floors~

Rope tunnel~

This is the section where it reminded me a bit of Kidzania, where children can experience various daily activities like grocery shopping…

Become food vendors…



There’s also a play area for babies and toddlers~

Rest area for adults~

There’s also some course going on but cos we don’t understand Japanese, we had to give it a skip~

When you exit from the centre, look out for the interactive screen at the back!

Shop for gifts and novelties…

Like Kidzania, it’s a perfect place for parents to relax whilst the kids run around and expend their energy. We were there for around 3 hours. But to be honest, if you bring some snacks and lunch along, you can practically spend the whole day there. Cheap and fun~

There’s also an outdoor playground right outside!

We didn’t play here though, cos Oliver tripped over himself in the centre and cried so he’s having some emo moments…

Heading for dinner next… It’s of walking distance to my favourite Sanrio character’s restaurant! Go >>>

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