Osaka Travel with Kid! Mar 2018- Day 4: Gudetama cafe at HEP 5 & Takeru Beef Cutlet dinner

I’m a HUGE Gudetama fan, so definitely not missing the opportunity to visit the cafe in Osaka!

It’s near Easter when we visited~

The menu.

We were only here for refreshments though. While waiting for our orders, I took more pictures!

I bought the Gudetama plushie in a pink bow tie you see in the pic below~ It’s ¥3132≈SG$38 & a handphone keychain at ¥972.

The mango parfait we ordered at ¥1100≈SG$14.

Also a very gassy soda. You get to take the bottle back though, and it lights up!

It’s too bad they don’t sell the pink version plushie though, would love to get this instead~

After resting in the cafe for about an hour, we went on the Hep 5 Ferris Wheel since we’ve got the Osaka Amazing Pass.

Hep 5 is basically a shopping centre so we walked around…

Then we took the train back to Nipponbashi, which is one station away from our house for Beef Cutlet at Takeru!

It’s a really, really tiny shop as you can see.

We queued for about 25 mins before we were able to get a seat and K had to sit separately on the other end cos there’s no empty seats for three in a row.

The rice is refillable for free, but not the cabbage. Beef is fried to a crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, you can grill it to the done-ness you want.

It’s delicious, but not suitable for families (I didn’t know it’s so small before I went, lol). Especially since we were tired after a long day and there’s no seating area outside, we were basically standing at the side road.

We came across this taiyaki shop after dinner~

Crispy sweet dessert! Next day, we go on a side trip! It’s probably one of my fav itineraries in this trip! Go >>>

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