Osaka Travel with Kid! Mar 2018- Day 5: Nara

The next day, we checked out of Nobu’s house and headed for Osaka Namba station. We intended to leave our luggages in the coin lockers at the east gate and travel light for a day trip to Nara, but lo and behold, there’s only one empty locker left!

We had no choice but to deposit only one luggage in there (¥700) and drag the other around, hoping there’s coin lockers at Nara station, lol~ Beside the lockers, you will see this sign. Follow the arrow to go down one flight of staircase and that’s the entrance to the train heading for Nara (¥560).

Since the train ride is around 40 mins, we headed for the washrooms first~ This is very important! Especially with little kids!

We hopped on the train…

Ta-da! Here we are!

The moment you exit the gates, there’s a row of shops alongside where the coin lockers are.

Yeah! Now we can deposit the other luggage here!

Browsing the shops… Cos Nara is famous for their deers, you see a lot of deer mementos~

Quintuple-coloured noodles! I wanted to get this after we return from the sightseeing but in the end I forgot, lol~

Biscuits which I’m quite sure look better than it tastes.

Nara is also famous for their persimmon leaf-wrapped sushi and there’s a shop just right outside but I wanted to visit the restaurant I saw on a travel website.

So we got out of JR Nara station, exit 2, you will see this fountain with a monk statue…

And the shop is just diagonally across from the fountain! Literally a few steps away~

Kakinoha Sushi Honpo Tanaka!

The entrance…

They also sell food items here…

Really quaint-looking place…

We were seated immediately~ The menu…

After 15 mins~ The food is here!

See the wrapped sushi on the top left? The persimmon leaf is supposed to prevent the sushi from drying out and also have anti-bacterial purposes and perfect as a take-away cos it’s easy to carry around. I’d say this sushi set is exactly my type of food. Very light and delicate.

There’s also phone chargers beside the table, perfect for travelers!

After eating, we headed down the street and there’s more fruits! The strawberries are slightly cheaper here compared to Osaka too~

Deer mascot at the MacDonald’s!

This is apparently a church, wow. So tranquil and pretty.

When you get to the end of the street, turn to your left.

Keep walking… You’ll see this lake…

And then I squealed.


It’s a really peaceful place, check out the video!

This is my first close encounter with deers~

There’s a few hanging around near the lake and we were distracted by them for at least 15 mins before we moved on cos there’s more in the area~ 

Kofukuji temple.

The deers can be pretty aggressive if you approach them with food so do be careful!

This fellow was just standing right in the middle of the road and wouldn’t budge, must be it’s Ah Gong’s road.

You will also start smelling the poop of the deers though I think it would have been worse during summer, haha~

We bought a packet of biscuits from this lady and the deers immediately surrounded us. It’s impossible to start feeding them without being headbutted by at least one of them or have the whole packet snatched away, so we ran for some distance before the herd stopped following us lol~

Oliver’s 1st successful feed!

We went further down the road, heading towards Nara Park.

Along the way, I was once again distracted by this adorable doe!

A little trick we learnt from the others while feeding the deers- Getting it to bow! Click the video to watch~

It’s at least a 30 mins walk to Nara Park but it’s all really relaxing. O didn’t even complain much, maybe cos there’s so many deers along the way serving as distraction.

Halfway in, there’s slight drizzle but not heavy enough to make it unpleasant or deter us from walking further.

You’ll reach Todaiji temple first.

We didn’t go in as there’s an entrance fee (and we’re not that keen in temples) so we only took a picture from the distance.

And just beside the temple, is Nara Park!

I didn’t want to walk further into the park cos I think we’ve already clocked at least 45 mins of walking at this point, lol~ We sat down on the bench for a while and fed the deers the rest of the biscuits.

It’s also near the Todaiji temple where we got a surprise attack. K was holding an umbrella wrapped in plastic bag in his hand. A deer mistook it as food and bit it away from him.

So the warning sign below is all true and needs to be heeded, lol~

Still, it’s quite a refreshing experience. One of my favourite parts of the trip, in fact. 🙂

The place is huge so even though there’s a lot of people, it’s sparse and the place maintains an endearing charm and peacefulness.

Strolling back…

The floor is damp from the rain.

We missed the mochi pounding at Nakantanido. The mochi is pretty nice though~

Taking the Kintetsu line back to Nipponbashi, we checked in Yasu’s house (nearest station at Minami Morimachi). He fetched us personally from the train station and taught us how to walk to his house (abt 6-7 mins leisurely walk). Really friendly host and I love his place! It’s basically a home away from home.

Large living room.

Proper dining area.

The kitchen even has those built-in fish broiler that’s common in every Japanese household and I was kinda geeking over it.

Master bedroom.

Two single beds in another room.

And this is actually the coolest part of the house.

The shower room doubles up as a whole dryer. Yeah, you read that right. Not only does it have a full bathtub, once you are done, hang up your freshly washed clothes (there’s rods above the bathtub not pictured here) and turn on the dryer. After a few hours, your clothes will be dry and ready to wear. Cool eh?

We rested for a while before heading out for dinner at Harukoma sushi.

This restaurant is rather popular due to it’s chunky portions of fresh sushi so there’s a queue. We waited for about 20 mins~

The menu!


Very tiny restaurant.

I was kinda disappointed the flounder fish wasn’t the texture I was expecting though.

We even went to another restaurant and ordered the same fish but still, it’s chewy and not the melt-in-your-mouth type I tasted in Tokyo and Taiwan.

I asked my friend and he said it could be due to regions’ difference. *shrugs*

Next post, we will be visiting a place slated as one of the “Places to see before you die” in a travel website! Go >>>

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